Dear LRM

I couldn't send you a pm or reply to your post. Fact is I am the same person who met your brother and was shunned for saying I didn't like him then accused of never meeting him then banned. Hate to disappoint but I'm not a photographer which you seem to think I am from your tripod reference. Truth is I'm a bride who doesn't like you. I find you, and many others, including that pig musicheals pathetic.

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    May I ask you an honest question, dear?  After meeting with whoever you did or didn't meeting with befor eyour wedding, who DID you decide on?  I mean, clearly your taste in photographers is impeccable and you are here, as we all are, to inform the public of what wedding vendors out there are the best and will give them the most for their dollar.  So honestly, for the sake of me recommending that same vendor should they be of good quality, who did you use?
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    I chose intrigue photography out of haddonfield. Twice the talent of rich.
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