Has anyone used or been to a wedding with Del's Groove, Vincent James Band, Chico's Vibe, Slippery, or Janis Nowlan? Thanks!

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  • Jelybean had Slippery at her wedding in March, and they were awesome! The dance floor was pretty much packed all night, everyone had a great time! :)
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    As soon as we set our date, we called Chico's to make sure they were available (and probably would have switched dates if they weren't).  They're so good.   The dance floor was so crowded all night that they couldn't even take their second break!  We had many guests that never dance on the dancefloor the whole time.  See my review in my vendor reviews below.  They won't disappoint.

    I also really like Vincent James and have seen them at several weddings.  My husband and his family grew up going to see Chico's play, which was why we were pretty set on them.  But if Chico's hadn't been in the picture, we would have looked more seriously into Vincent James. 

    Janis played a wedding I attended last year and I thought she was good as well.  
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  • Chico plays ALL of our family weddings and parties...they are the BEST! You cannot go wrong with them, Unfortunately, they were completly booked all of the weekends our venue was open, so after an exhaustive search, we found and booked The FM Band. They play same type of music and have everyone danicing all night long. I can't wait until they play my wedding...only 4 more days! 
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  • Thank you so much, ladies!! 
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Slippery! I cannot recommend them enough. They are awesome. My H's Uncle was a club owner in Boston for a long time and The Platters (!) played his wedding. He said Slippery was one of the best bands he ever heard play. Huge compliment there! They absolutely know how to read the crowd and keep the dance floor packed!
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  • You can't go wrong with any of them! My sister had slippery at her wedding and a good friend had chicos vibe. Both were awesome! Vincent James band was also good but definitely my 3rd choice. Good luck!
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