Engagement Pics Attire?

We are having our engagement pictures take this week around 7pm. We want to wear our flyers jerseys because that is a big part of our lives and something nicer for the night shots around city hall. What do you recommend and not recommend? Thanks!

Re: Engagement Pics Attire?

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    I think something with color looks nice but no crazy patterns. I think there are certain colors that may not photograph as well as others. Maybe google that? Also I am not a fan of anything too matchy matchy with FI. I prefer outfits that coordinate.

    For our fancy outfits I have a purple wrap dress and FI will wear kahki chinos and a button down shirt that coordinates perhaps with a sweater (he wears sweaters in 100 degree heat, he is weird).

    Google engagement pictures and see what others have worn. From there decide what you like and what you don't.

    I will probably try my outfit on and take my picture in it. Sometimes something that looks great on in your bedroom just doesn't look as nice on camera.

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    I love the idea of wearing Flyers jerseys! I think your personalites should definitely come through in the pictures. Maybe wear white shirts under them so you can take them off and have some in plain clothes? Have fun!
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    I'd have the flyers jerseys for some pictures, but then wear other clothes for the majority of them.

    I wore a red button down shirt (long, and untucked), nice jeans, and wedges. My guy wore a blue button down, tucked in w/ khakis.
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    FI and I are doing two outfits as well.

    One more casual one more dressy.

    They won't match but they will coordinate.

    I will probably wear black for one of them....

    I am also rocking these shoes for the dressy ones
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    Thanks everyone!
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    I love your ideas.  Your e-pics should be about your personality, so Flyers jersies sound perfect! 

    I agree with jelybean about no busy patterns.  Solid colors tend to photograph better.  And back when I was in college, I did a bit of film stuff... and patterns & white were a big no-no in film.  I imagine it's probably similar with photography. 
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