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When are you having your first dance?

Hi ladies,
I can't decide... are you having your first dance right after your entrance at the reception or after dinner? I like both ideas, both have pro and cons... when are you having your first dance?
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Re: When are you having your first dance?

  • We're not having a receiving line, so at the end of the meal we'll start walking around to all the tables to say hi to everyone. We'll do the dance right away just to get it done with.
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    I've been to a wedding where they did it after their entrance. The couple  did their first dance, father/daughter dance and son/mother dance but they cut the songs short I guess because all of us guests were standing from their entrance and then we remained standing through all the dances, although they cut the songs short I was still ready to sit back down. I couldn't imagine standing through all three of those songs had they played them all the way through. SO from that experience I think we are doing ours after dinner because I would like to dance through the whole song of our first dance...our guests will have eaten and they will be sitting down at that point....
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  • We won't be making everyone stand the whole time, lol. We're not doing father/daughter or mother/son dances either.

  • Same here, we dont have a receiving line,but a table greeting during dinner...we dont have mother/father/daughter/son dance either... so right now, i kinda want to do the first dance right after entrance - just to get over with it... Hahaa.
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  • I had never heard of anyone having the first dance before dinner until moving to Philly. Personally, I just think it's awkward to have people standing there waiting to eat while you're having the first dance. I think the dances should kick off the whole dancing portion of the night, so we'll be having ours after dinner and then once the 3 special dances are done, the band will get the party started! :)
  • We are doing the first dance right after we are introduced.. we are doing father/daughter... mother son/dance. they will be done in between the courses during dinner.... that way we can eat... start hitting the tables.. so we can acutally get some dancing in.  we will also be enjoying the cocktail hour with everyone.. so we can mingle there also and get to see all of our guests... for more then a minute

  • We are doing ours immediately after being announced.  I didn't know people did it any different till we moved to the mid-west and they do it after dinner....I know with my guests half of them will be drunk by then so I figure we get it done and over with it will be better all around.  I believe our plan is to do ours right away, then the father/daughter and mother/son while salads are being served...need to check with the DJ on that tho.

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