$ Grid on Reception Locations

New to this, just got engaged on Christmas !  Looking at the reception sites, and is there a key to what price ranges are equivalent to the $, $$, $$$, etc... ? 

Re: $ Grid on Reception Locations

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    Honestly, I really wish that TK would have a dollar amount that would fit into the $, $$, $$$ symbols, but it's mostly just relative.  What is $$$ to me could be $ to someone else. 

    Your better bet would be to say "Hey ladies... I was looking at X venue, but my budget is $XXX per person, is that reasonable?" Most likely, someone here will be able to help you out, and if what you're looking at is not going to fit into your budget, we can help you find something that will. 
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  • I went with downing town country club. We are having a Friday night renewal of vow ceremony and reception. They have some wonderful packages and the centerpieces/ cake are included. Their wedding coordinator Sharon is wonderful! We are having about 100 people.. With taxes and grituities it's less than $100 pp Good luck
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  • We are having our reception at the Hilton on City Ave. It is so beautiful inside and rather inexpensive. With taxes and gratuity it's about $105 pp. Not too bad considering a lot of the other locations we were looking at were about $125-150 pp.
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