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Balloon decorations

Thinking about decoration, I googled way too much stuff about balloons today. I'd have loved to have a ceiling completely filled with balloons, but a quick sum learned me that it will take 1250 helium filled balloons to do that, and that is just not feasible. Another idea was a balloon wall, but again, I'm not sure how we'd do that. (Any thoughts on this are welcome).

Any other good balloon decorating ideas out there? Feel free to post some pictures ;)
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Re: Balloon decorations

  • I googled "balloon wedding" under images and found these, those big round baloons with the table number on the string.

    It's not overkill but it makes a statement!

  • I love the pictures ginadog posted, especially since it looks like more of an outdoorsy, casual wedding.  I think if you're considing a more formal event, I wouldn't use balloons... unless you figured out a way to make them look super classy and elegant.  (They have such a birthday party feel to me)

    Also, how hot does it get in your area in July?  Here, it averages 80-90F, and balloons just don't last in the heat.  I worked in a party store for majority of my teens, and I did countless table/floor centerpieces and balloon arches, but never for a wedding.  We always had to make so many extra in the summers because they would just pop as soon as they got outside of the store.

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  • That doesn't look half bad, Gina!

    K888, we don't want to make things too formal, I'd like to keep it casual, while carefully avoiding the birthdayparty look. I've seen some pretty classy pictures out there, I think a lot starts with picking the right colors. And it doesn't get very hot overhere...
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    I found these pictures the other day...I wan't a big fan of balloons but they really don't look bad. First is ceiling and the other is to divide the room with baloons or use along the walls as a backdrop. You do the balloon wall by having the ballons tied at different lengths. 

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    I'm in a similar situation with my pom lantern idea. Though I'd love a whole ceiling full, I just can't afford it. Another knottie I suggested I do more of a "focal point" decoration.. and that's exactly what I'm planning on doing. I think it looks just as fun.
    This pic I really like because it's a very original idea. I think it's do-able with or without a tent too..
     Pinned Image

    And then there's the bunch/ centerpiece look that you could hang in the center of the room. Some of these pics use other things but the idea is essentially the same.
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  • Oo I like that balloon wall picture! I'd agree that you would just tie them at different heights. And then probably tie them to each other so they don't go floating away?

    I like this balloon picture too!
    Pinned Image

    Instead of the whole room, only a wall! :)
  • Yes, I love what gina posted! The big round baloons don't look quite as birthday party-esque 
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  • Well, those are some really nice pictures! Still not sure how to tie them and to what (do I sound like an idiot? Probably :) )

    Thanks all!
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