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Someone posted recently about having their rehearsal dinner here, and I responded that my husband's 30th birthday party would be held there shortly before Thanksgiving.  I wanted to make sure I followed up here and told the OP that the party was terrific!  The food was fantastic (wings, meatballs, and southwestern egg rolls are awesome, as were the "spreads and breads" appetizers; we also did a nacho bar, which was a huge hit), and so was the service.  Our two dedicated waitresses busted their butts to keep everyone's glasses full and the buffet stocked.  We took home a ton of food, and they wrapped everything up for us.  Beer selection was terrific, too.  We were in the gazebo room, which was a really lovely location that fit us prefectly, and the staff helped the surprise go off without a hitch.  I'd have the party there again in a heartbeat!

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    That's great to hear!  Thank you so much for following up, certainly eases my mind about having the rehearsal dinner there :)
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    I did not have a great experience.  For the amount of money I paid to have my sister's 30th there I was extremely dissapointed in the amount of food we got.  The bartender & server were great but I would never have a party there again unless my budget was unlimited.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks tmorak.. just to clarify.. did you have the standard buffet? Not sure if we are going with the enhanced buffet or sit down. 
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    I had my wedding rehearsal there and loved it.  The food was so good and the waitstaff was awesome.  I don't know what the cost was because my ILs paid, but I can't imagine it was too expensive for that reason.
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  • I booked my rehearsal dinner here, as well.  It will be taking place in October, so I'm looking forward to hearing some more feedback on how others went! Thanks! :)
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