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Have you had people ask...

if they can just come to the ceremony??  I've had a few friends (who aren't invited to the wedding) ask if they can just come to the ceremony....

What are your thoughts on this?  I haven't given them an answer yet...

Re: Have you had people ask...

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    YES!  Parents of some of our friends and a few friends of friends have already told us they are coming to the ceremony just to see us (none of them even asked).  We're getting married in a Catholic church so they can't NOT let them in or anything.  I thought this was strange, too!
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    Really??? You must be well loved! No one has asked us this. I don't expect them to either. 

    We would politely say no though because our venue wouldn't allow it, our ceremony space isn't that big.
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    I don't think we've had this issue. If we did, I would tell them that it's a full Catholic mass and if they feel like sitting through it, they are welcome!

    It's a sticky situation, though. I can see why you're confused because technically they should then be invited to the reception . . . lol
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    We are not inviting kids (mostly for budget reasons, it would practically double our list). My moms cousin asked if her kids could come to the ceremony. Then they would go back across the street to the hotel. I said yes. I mean according to her (and probably true knowing them) they are just really excited about me getting married. We have the space, just not the money to have them at the reception, so if they want to come that badly, sure.

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    Yes, we've had a few people ask us if they could come to the ceremony...The theatre will hold plenty of people, however, obviously they wouldn't be allowed to cocktail hour...haha I don't see it being a huge problem, unless they decide to come to the cocktail hour & reception...
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    Yeah, I mean. That's the thing. How do you REALLY stop them from coming to the recpetion? What if they showed up there? Do you shoo them out?
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    I mean we kinda have to!!  The budget is suuuuuper tight!  Can't allow those who weren't invited!  Shoo bee!! ha ha
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    When I was in full swing of planning I had people saying they just wanted to come to the ceremony and I said I don't know if I like that without inviting them to the reception...so I said if they do come to the ceremony they can come once dinner is served and at least join for the dancing and partying !
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    My FMIL has some friends who are co-workers that asked if they could come to the ceremony and said they don't expect to be invited to the reception. They know FI from when he was a little kid and want to see him get married. I think it's a bit awkward, but since they KNOW they aren't invited to the reception and attend the Church were we're getting married, I figured what's the harm?
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    My boss asked if his kids could come see us get married and then he could drop them off for the babysitter.  He knows they aren't invited but I don't think he wants to sit through the ceremony by himself since it is doubtful his wife can get the evening off.  I really want to invite his kids but we aren't allowing any other kids except our FG and GM and I have a feeling people will go but his kids are allowed, why not mine?

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    I'm a teacher and have had students past and present ask when/where we're getting married ever since we got engaged a year ago.  I've tried to be vague and avoid the question.  Truth is,I'd LOVE for them to come watch since they were part of my life as FI proposed.

     I'm considering lemonade and cookies after the ceremony since it's in a public park and we're not allowed to restrict access.  Reception is a drive away so I don't think they'd just show up there anyway.
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    No one has asked me this, but when a good friend of mine got married two summers ago, she had quite a few family friends and parents of friends who decided to come to the church to see the marriage even though they weren't invited to the reception. I found this slightly odd, but there weren't any issues with it. 

    I don't think it would work if your ceremony and reception were at the same location, because it would be too awkward for them to have to leave or to have someone ask them to leave, but I think if your ceremony is in a church and your reception is elsewhere, it is fine to have them just come to the ceremony.  Obviously, we all know you would never invite someone to only a portion of your day....but if they just want to come to the church portion of your day, I don't think there is anything wrong with that.
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    Not yet, but I think we will have some people trying to invite themselves. It has happened to a lot of our friends. Ugh. One time I had a family asking me to ask the couple if they could be invited. So rude!

    I'm also a teacher and I've had students asking me if they could "please please please" come to the wedding and PROMISING that they'd not eat anything at the reception! I was amused but at the same time it would not be possible to include all of them. Our wedding is 4 hours away though so that kind of helps.
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