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Which fabric do you like best?

My wedding is formal and even though my BM are wearing long dresses I don't want them too hot. Which fabric do you feel is lightweight but not too thin that it looks cheap or wrinkles easily?

Organza, satin, chiffon, or lace?

Any other suggestions I haven't listed?
Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: Which fabric do you like best?

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    Taffeta is the best it is so light weight and so comfortable my wedding dress and BM dresses are made out of it.

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    Chiffon is probably your best bet.
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    My dress is satin and it's very light and it feels cool to the touch, I LOVE IT! My BMs have some satin and something else (not sure what the fabric is), but it is light weight too.
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    Chiffon or organza. My BM dresses are chiffon and are very lightweight. My dress is organza, same deal. We're getting married outside and fabric was very important to me, which was why I went with these two.
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    Chiffon is your best bet.

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    chiffon...that's what my BMs are wearing
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    My girls will be in chiffon... It felt the lightest IMO and they thought it was the most comfortable.
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    My BMs are wearing charmeuse.  It is SO lightweight! I think chiffon is a good choice as well.  My dress is organza.  
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    i think chiffon is the lightest, but really, i would recommend having your BMs try on various options so they can see what they prefer.  many designers carry many of the options you listed and then some, but each designer will use different types of fabric with different feels.
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    Mine is organza and I'm in love with the feel of it. I think you may find it's a bit pricey for BMs, though, so I would recommend you chiffon, like PPs have said.
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    I would say chiffon as well. Thats what my bridesmaids are wearing. They even fought me on having short dresses versus long in the heat.
    I would definitely suggest chiffon. My dress is tulle, which is not super heat friendly, and not usually used in bridesmaid dresses anyway...
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    I believe my BM's dresses are a cotton/satin blend and were really breathable and lightweight.  They are also short dresses.

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    I think every dress will differ regardless, but just from what I've worn previously (and I swear all 4 times I've been a BM, the weddings have been been RECORD hot days!) chiffon seemed the most breathable to me. My (2) satin dresses were the hottest and most unforgiveable. So, when looking for my BM dresses, chiffon was my 1st choice! I hear organza is similar???
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    chiffon will be cool
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    Chiffon or organza
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    If you're getting married outside I would say go with organza or chiffon. If all of your wedding events are indoors, your only limit is what you like best.Smile
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