Sadie's Bridal- Bensalem... HELP!

I'm a little nervous because I read a couple of reviews online that were not great about this bridal salon. There were also some really great reviews, but I guess it's normal to have a mix with any location, right? The dress I love there isn't carried by anyone else in the area so I have to order it at Sadie's. Has anyone had experience purchasing from here or getting alterations done? If the alteration experience was poor, I may be able to take it elsewhere because I know two great seamstresses that I could use if needed. It's such a huge decision but I'm out of time and have to order by next week to get it in time for the wedding with a little over a month for alterations. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you ladies!

Re: Sadie's Bridal- Bensalem... HELP!

  • i haven't been there but i live not too far from there. it's been around for a while so i would say they must do good business. if you are worried about alterations then i would purchase the dress there and take it elsewhere for alterations, especially if you already know of 2 good seamstresses. i feel most bridal stores that provide alterations charge way more than other places or people that do alterations.
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  • I think I may do that... as it turns out, I know one of the people who gave this place a bad review so I contacted her through FB and she said the ordering process was fine for her gown, but they really messed it up in alterations. I think I'm going to go to one of the other seamstresses and they likely will charge less anyway. Thank you for your help!
  • i havent been there but my sisters best friend did and she had a tooonn of issues!! they order the wrong bridesmaids dresses and when they got the right ones in they were all wrong sizes. they sewed the bridal belt on wrong, and the shoes were all stained from being colored to match the bridesmaids dresses.
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