Hurricane etiquette

Any advice regarding hurricane travel? My wife and I had RSVP'd yes to a wedding up in New Hampshire this weekend. Hurricane Irene is looking to be one of the worst hurricanes in history along the coast (most trail out to sea).

We were supposed to fly back Sunday but that looks impossible. Irene will be right around Philly Sunday and is tracking up to where we are for Monday. So Monday is a crap shoot too.

That said, is it okay to cancel last minute? I have two friends that have canceled going to a wedding in NYC & Rhode Island for the same reason. Going to be a crazy weekend for travel.


Re: Hurricane etiquette

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    tough call... how close are you to the couple?
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    family friends. It is my godmother's daughter
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    While I'm sure they might be upset that you are canceling, I would certainly hope given the weather outlook for the weekend they would understand. I think it's safe to say that you probably won't be the only people to cancel your trip for the wedding. When you call to cancel, ask for an address where you can send your wedding gift.

    It will suck for the whoever is paying for the wedding because they will be out some money, but it is important that you do what you are comfortable with as far as traveling in what could be an incredibly bad storm.

    Good luck!
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    It's very safe to say you won't be the only one not there, that being said, don't call the mother of the bride or groom, please. Wait until after the wedding, and apologize for not being there in a wedding card you send to them.

    I got married last year during one of the blizzards "snowmagedden" if you remember, 2 feet of snow fell on my wedding day, starting at 10PM Friday night, into 5PM Saturday (reception started at 5, ceremony was at 1). 

    We had 150 people RSVP yes, maybe 50 made it to the ceremony, and just shy of 100 people made it to the reception. I was VERY understanding of everyone that couldn't make it... but my mom was getting PISSED and really really upset that people kept calling her "we can't make it, we won't make it". She turned her phone off and threw it out of the window into the snow...

    Do what you feel is safe, the B&G want you there, but want your safety first, and if you are concerned with traveling for sure, don't, I promise they will understand... just don't call MOG or MOB. They are probably getting enough people calling to cancel, at this point there is nothing they can do financially with the venue, the seating arrangements are already done, and it's just going to make them sad/stressed before the big day. 
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