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Please help - hair

My brother and his fiance are getting married in May down in the Outer Banks (Nags Head/Buxton) on the 7th which is a Friday.  She originally had a salon booked to do the hair and makeup for the bridal party.  Well she went a few weeks ago for the "consultation" and she was in/out within 10 minutes.  She really wanted a hair trial and they didn't do that.

When I called this salon to ask about the hair trial, they tell me you have to pay $85 for the hair trial in addition to the $85 you pay the day of the wedding.  Keep in mind, she paid $30 for the consultation already and she was in/out in 10 minutes.  So in reality, she would be shelling out almost $200 for this?!  I am trying to find other places that can do the hair/makeup but it's only a few weeks out.  Can you guys give me any other recommendations?  I already called Hairoics in Kitty Hawk and left a message as well as Heather from Dimensions.

This salon that we booked was shocked that people usually pay LESS for a hair trial than the actual hair the day of the wedding.  It's less because they are trying to get your business to do the whole bridal party the day of...

Thanks so much girls!

Re: Please help - hair

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    We are getting married in Frisco/Hatteras and we are using Heather from Dimensions! 
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    I had my hair done at Hairoics for YEARS while I lived up in Kitty Hawk, I finally switched when my stylist Krista moved to Hot Heads. I think Heather from Dimensions also used to work at Hairoics, but I'm not positive - so if you have to fall back on them, they are a great group of stylists!
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