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Elizabethan Gardens-BRIDES BE WARE

I would NOT recommend the Elizabethan Gardens for a wedding reception. It is a beautiful setting for a ceremony and I would recommmend it for a ceremony but NOT a reception. The lady I dealt with up until 2 months before my wedding quit. The new person who took over had no idea what was previously discussed. I was told the day BEFORE my wedding that I had to be cleaned up and out of there at 10pm. My reception wasn't due to end until 10pm. We were told a head of time that we had to clean up our decorations and take them with us. That was fine. The lady I dealt with wasn't even the person who stayed for the event. The staff member that stayed was EXTREMELY rude! Pathways were not lit leaving the gardens and several older guests had problems walking out on the gravel path in the pitch dark. We were made to stack all the tables and chairs. And they had to be stacked a certain way. Oh and put them all away in the closets. But I think the icing on the cake....was we had to take ALL the trash with us. In my wedding gown, I had to haul trash away. That was absolutely ridiculous!!!! When I asked where I supposed to take it, the response was "call the city dump in the morning." So remind me again what I paid them for??!! The wedding was beautiful but my last memory of the night was hauling away bags of trash in my wedding gown, then driving around for 1/2 an hour trying to find a place to dump it. Mind you we were from out of town so we did not know the area. BRIDES BE WARE!!!! Don't let this happen to you!

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    That sucks! 

    Who is their wedding coordinator now? I am supposed to have my ceremony there in May and can't seem to get in touch with ANYONE there. 
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    Horace Whitfield is the person I dealt with.  As for the trash issue, it's clearly stated in the Reception Hall policy so you really shouldn't have been surprised.  There is nowhere, however, stating a closing time (i.e. 10 pm) so you have a case there.  Sorry your experience with them sucked.  I am using it for my ceremony only.
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