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More contract questions - 108 Budleigh Brides

I thought of a few more questions while filling out paperwork for this facility -

1. Does it matter if you invited a certain number and kept it as the same number since you obviously haven't sent out invites yet?

2. Did you give a SSN?

3. At the bottom of the third page, when it says "Host", "Host", and then "108 Budleigh", will they sign their portion and send me a copy?

Thanks, gals!

Re: More contract questions - 108 Budleigh Brides

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    BTW... I'm confused... on page 3... what's the host liquor liability thing?
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    Don't know if you need these answers still (I've been away from the board for a week or two)...

    Anywho, just in case:

    (1) Not at all... I think we put 50 or 60 on our original contract and had about 35 at the wedding.

    (2)  I'm pretty sure I left that blank

    (3) I don't remember getting a copy back from them... Just an email that they got it and the check I sent.

    Just checked the contract on the Liquor Liability bit... I did no such thing.  I did have my caterer (Red Sky Cafe) take care of all the liquor stuff so maybe they didn't care...  Truth be told both Bonnie and Allison are a lot more laid back than the stipulations in the contract suggest...
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