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Word to the Wise

Just a word to the wise from one bride to another - double and triple check your quotes and contracts....

Fi and I were going over contracts with our vendors and a couple had computation errors... one added too high, another not high enough. (I know it seems silly to correct one that wasn't high enough, but I'd rather discover it today than on the day of the wedding. Nothing like hearing - SURPRISE - you still owe your first born child!.)

Just some food for thought...

Re: Word to the Wise

  • Agree with you completely Teach! 

    We've run into calculation errors with quotes with both the event rental company and catering.  They made revisions but we were glad to catch it early.  One of our contracts (photographer) stipulated that food needed to be provided to the photographer & assistant.  Something to keep in mind when giving your caterer the head count.  Recommend talking to your caterer about this if it comes up as they may have special pricing for this.  Our caterer told us that they would make a plate for the vendors and that they would be discounted so that we're not paying full, per person price for these meals.  Also glad to know that our vendors won't be knocking people over to get to the buffet line (hahaha, can you imagine?) and that our caterer will handle this discretely behind the scenes :)
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