North Carolina-Outer Banks


I just got married in July and wantd to share some of the good expereinces we had in the area.

Caterer - FOOD DUDES KITCEN in kill devils hills, nc. They are newer to catering, but it was the best food ever. Both of the owners actualy showed up for the event to ensure everything went well. I had so many comliments on the food and it was so affordable for the buffett dinner we had.

Location - CYPRESS HOUSE INN - Kill devil Hills, nc.  the Inn has 6 rooms which you can get for a special 3 day package for your guests. We got married in te beautifully landscaped yard nder a tent. the each access was right across the street. It was so nice for pictres, Veda and Bill cook a huge breakfast each day and were overly helpful. A great location for probably 100 ro less.

Photos - AMMC - Haven't seen the pics yet, but the owner was very professional and their portfolio was amazing.

Cake - ATLANTIC CAKE COMPANY - We chose to do a different fun cake that was not tiered and it turned out great. The key lim icing is amazing here and not too overpowering like some of the taste tests we did. It was affordable and decorated nicely, went fast at the reception

We also ordered a sea freeze machine with daquiris. A great idea for the outdoor events  We went through 3 batches it was such a hit.


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