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Second reception at home

I wanted to find out if anyone else is having a second reception when they get home. Here's a little background info: FI and I are from Baltimore, MD and most of our family and friends are from the MD, DC, PA and DE area. We chose to get married in OBX because we couldn't afford to get married at home since we both come from large, close-knit families and have a good bit of friends and friends of the family. Our guest list for the wedding is 50 and that's just parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. We weren't planning a second reception until a number of family members asked us if we were planning on doing something when we got home. At first I said no because I thought it was rude, I had this idea that people would think they were second rate to those invited to the wedding. It wasn't until FMIL said that a second reception would be a nice gesture to everyone else who would want to congratulate and celebrate our marriage. So I gave in and now we're planning a reception at home and I've been tossing ideas in my head about what to do. Whatever I plan, I want it to be casual and as cheap as possible :/ Anyways to wrap up this long post, I wanted to find out: 1.) Are you planning a second reception at home? 2.) What are you planning to do? TIA!

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    Hi there!My FI also suggested we have a second reception for our at home friends who can't travel, I too thought it was a bit tacky...well, not tacky, but selfish I guess?So... I came up with doing a housewarming party or barbecue (no gifts) and possibly having everyone view the video of us getting married.
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    My fiance and I are from Ohio and big Buckeye fans.  We are planning a party for our family and friends at The Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe upon our return from our honeymoon.  We are getting married at the Outer Banks with immediate family only.  Some people were not happy with our decision to have a destination wedding and with very few people.  Having a party at home has helped some with everyone knowing they will get to partake in a celebration and spend time with us after we return.  (It's kind of like the steak you throw to get the pack of wild dogs off your trail - not that we don't love our family and friends!)  There with be no "reception".  No dress, dancing, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.  Just food and everyone spending time together.  The great thing about the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe is that there is a ton of Buckeye memorabilia, some arcade games, and T.V.s at the bar.  So there are things to keep people occupied without providing music.  We didn't want to spend a ton of money and we didn't want people to be bored either.  If you can find a place with natural ambiance it will help.  Also, we are saving a ton of money by not using their reception package.  It included champagne toast, cake cutting fees, etc.  All this stuff we truly didn't need.  So we can put more money into food and drinks.  Although we are not having a "cake", dessert which includes a variety of cake, etc. is part of the meal we are providing.  We are excited to see all of our family and friends even though we didn't want to drag them all to OBX with us! 
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    Hey!My FI and I actually just decided to have a second "reception" back home.  We are from Boston, but really wish to have our wedding in OBX.  As being part of a huge family and being 1 of 5 couples who are getting married in Sept 2010, we decided that we would have our dream wedding in OBX and keep it small, then give everyone the option of joining us for a 2nd reception back home.  With doing so, it takes the pressure off of some of our family and friends to have to make a choice which of the 5 weddings that they are going to.  If 4 are back home, and we are in OBX, which one do you think they would choose?  We are very happy with our decision and having two receptions will make us feel like we get to have our dream wedding AND celebrate it with everyone. With that being said, we are having a super casual 2nd reception.  We are going to have a barbeque with drinks and whatnot.  I figured I'd decorate with all the things we can salvage from our wedding in OBX AND I am going to give favors.  Even though some people are invited or don't choose to come to OBX, I don't want them to feel that they aren't appreciated for celebrating with us.  I don't know if we'll necessarily cut a cake, or have a wedding dance at our second reception, but I'll make it feel like a wedding celebration the best I can. I hope that helps!Erin
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    Thanks ladies- it's good to know that I'm not the only one making plans for a second reception.  We decided to do a brunch so we wouldn't have to buy another cake or pay for a lot of alcohol (just mimosas!)  It's going to be really casual and it shouldn't be too difficult to plan- good luck with all of your wedding/reception planning!
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