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Hi, things are super slow on this board lately!!Anyway, I was wondering...awhile back questions were posted about beach houses used in Duck/Corolla for weddings.  There was a house (I think it was Beachy Keen) that you could have a tent actually setup in the sand.  Does anyone remember this discussion??  If so, and it is not Beachy Keen...can you tell me what you all remember?!!Thanks in advance for your help!Anyone know what happens to older posts, do they just automatically get deleted after a time limit?

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    Hello,  I found the old post you were refering to.From: robynjkrastel i got married there as well! the house is called beachy keen unit g101 from twiddy rentals. this is one of the only houses in corolla that will allow a tented reception on the beach. i opted to have my reception inside the house though. you can email me at for pics of our wedding on may 7th :) i'd be glad to answer any questions!
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    Hi there,

    I am getting married next October and had my heart set on Beachy Keen.  That was until I visited.  There is NO, I repeat NO place to put a tent there.  In fact, I was so upset that they keep pushing this home as tent friendly because the side yard is a mess.  There are branches, huge piles of sand, sticks, part of a fence etc. on the side yard.  In fact, Ocean Atlantic Rentals was thrilled when they found out I didn't book Beachy Keen but another home instead (I'll get to that soon).  Joe at OAR said they haven't had a tent in the yard at Beach Keen for years they do them on the driveway which is a surprise to most brides once they get there!  Unless your planning on hiring excavators to clear the yard I wouldn't suggest going there.

    The house we chose was "Gertrudes Breakaway" it's actually right around the corner from Beachy Keen and this place is gorgeous let me tell you.  Also, there is a huge, flat, grassy side yard which is perfect for a tent!  Here's their site:

    E-mail me if you have any more questions I will be happy to help:

    Hope this helps!
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    I visited Beachy Keen when I was checking out houses. It was my number one choice by the pictures online, but I was SOOO disappointed when I actually saw it in person. I would check it out in person before making any deposits on it.

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