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Hi Ladies,

I remember reading awhile back about some ladies having issues who had already picked their wedding homes in what they thought was off-season, but then low and behold...the realty companies changed the dates for peak season.

Does anyone remember what is now considered off-season for OBX area?

We are trying to pick a date as close to spring/summer, but help give our guests some price slack too. 

Thanks for your help :)

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    LRPardyLRPardy member
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    It may depend on the owner & company (I too recall that post).  I picked April because I figured it was safely pre-season and not quite off season.  Many of the rates appear to go up in May.
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    kolaughlin23kolaughlin23 member
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    I think it depends on the home and the realty company. We are renting May 21-28 and it is much cheaper and still considered preseason.
    Usually it is cheapest in the winter and slowly goes up as you get closer to August and then back down as you get back towards winter. When we were looking it seemed like once you hit memorial day the houses went up by thousands. We went through village realty. 
    I know a lot of people also do September, which is usually considered off season.
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    hibiscus118hibiscus118 member
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    I know the company I used changed their September dates, since they did others most likely did as well.  Last year I got married labor day week and it was considered off season.  This year they changed it to mid season and the week after starts off season.  Mid season still isn't quite as expensive as July/beginning of August.  But its definitely worth waiting another week for off season (starting September 11th/12th).  Next year will likely be the same. Not sure about the springtime dates.

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