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Songs for Parent Dances

Fi and I hate the limelight. We're trying to combine as many things as possible so that people aren't staring at us for too long. We decided to combine the mother/son and father/daughter dance into one. Does anyone have some song suggestions for this? 

We're running into trouble finding a song that's not gender specific, and not a song that has a one liner that leaves you questioning whether the father is "just a wee bit too close to his daughter".

We love oldies and songs that have a decent beat. I don't want the song to drag on. Any help?

We can't use Stand by Me - that's our 1st dance song

Re: Songs for Parent Dances

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    Aww, I was gonna say Stand by Me - that's the song I'm using with my dad, ha.
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  • Ah, we will halso ave a combined father/daughter mother/son dance (for the same reason - I'm already nervous enough being out there with FI for our dance and don't want to be "onstage" forever)!!   :)

    These are on our short list, but haven't picked one yet!  Others have used them so you may have seen these, but here's some suggestions...

    Unforgettable  Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole
    How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you) James Taylor
    What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
    Sunshine of my Life Stevie Wonder

    Forever Young  Rod Stewart

    In My Life  The Beatles
    The Way You Look Tonight Frank Sinatra

    I feel like there are other Sinatra or Stevie Wonder songs we were thinking of, but now I can't remember - have to look through my notes, bookmarks, etc!

  • I danced to In My Life by the Beattles with my Dad.  That would be a good one to cover both, plus it's shorter, so you won't be dancing too long!
  • My Dad and I danced to a pretty particular father/daughter song, but my husband and his mother danced to 10,000 Maniacs "These Are Days." That could easily work for both. 
  • JAK33JAK33 member
    My vote is also for In My Life! AI had originally thought I could do that one with my dad, but he surprised me and he actually had picked out a song for us. It turns out FI and mother are now going to use it, so def general neutral. :)
  • Forever Young by Audre  SOA version.
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