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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Laws on Out of state minister performing ceremony in NC

My aunt who is ordained minister says she is willing to do the ceremony of us in NC, however we are having trouble finding the laws in NC on what needs to be done. Does anyone know these laws? We are getting married in Kill Devil Hills in Dare county

Re: Laws on Out of state minister performing ceremony in NC

  • I'd call the register of deeds, (252) 475-5970.  We looked into my husband's uncle doing our ceremony and they gave us a list of approved ways to be ordained.  You should be able to check the list to see if your aunt's will work.
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  • My brother got married in the OBX and my dad was ordained online (we're in VA but don't think that really matters with an online ordination). They had no problem and I'm pretty sure I remember the laws being pretty lax about who could marry you. I should probably look that up for sure before I get married, however, don't really want to find out years from now that the wedding wasn't official!
  • I actually looked into this as well bc my brother is ordainded online. NC is very lax and doesn't really care who marries you....I called and they basically told me "it's up to the couple, we don't check references". After looking into it, there is a case (NC vs Lynch) that made our decision easier. That being said,  we are going to the courthouse and getting married officially the day before and having my brother do a ceremony for friends/family.

    I can send a link to the case if any one wants it.

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