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The Dream -- Wedding on the beach with no walkway??

Hi Brides!! I am planning a wedding for fall and looking at different event homes. Right now it's between a couple and the main reason I am hesitant on The Dream is because there is no walkway directly to the beach. I just can't see everyone walking back and forth all that way in their wedding attire. I also can't see being driven back and forth. I will more than likely have about 70-80 people there and it just seems like a burden. I don't really want to have the ceremony on the other side either (the dune facing the sound) even though it would be a shorter walk.

Any brides to be or past brides have any experience with this?? Tips & advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks!!! :)

Re: The Dream -- Wedding on the beach with no walkway??

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    Congrats on your upcoming beach wedding! I see that you're from the DC area too, just like me! When is your big day? Ours is 10-9-11.

    Okay, so here's my thoughts- we looked alot of event homes for our wedding and The Dream is a beautiful choice. However, I agree with you that a walkway to/from the beach is VERY important for your ceremony. I would keep looking and try to find another event home that has a walkway- there are plenty that I remember. We decided, in the end, to choose The Pearl restaurant in Kill Devil Hills instead of a rental home, because the cost & convenience. I hope you find what will work best for you and your guests.

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    Not sure if you would entertain the 4x4 only beach area, but we have rented The Fitzgerald for our wedding in September of this can't beat that walkway to the beach....I think it was what sold us on the place...well, one of the things.
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