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Grr - "No you're NOT my flowergirl!!!"

I just need to vent for a second....

One of my good friends since I was a kid has been up my butt for the past few years (wayyy before I was even engaged). I was her maid-of-honor. However, I have a sibling, so my sister is going to be my MOH. Originally I was thinking I might have several other bridesmaids, but I have have several friends that if I ask one it's like I have to ask all the others. So, I decided my sister would be my one and only up there with me...

(Did I lose you yet?)

Anyhoodle - my friend keeps mentioning that her little daughters keep getting so excited to be my flowergirls. Um, hello, I NEVER SAID THEY WERE FLOWERGIRLS!!! In fact, I have met her children a whole 3 times in their lives and they are almost 8. Obviously someone is putting it in their heads that they are going to be flowergirls.

Mind you, I have already brought this up MANY times that they are NOT flowergirls. I said IF we even have one it would be FI's goddaughter.

So I open my email today to find 3 emails with pictures of flower girl dresses and my friend saying how cute they'd be for the girls. So I stare at the computer screen in complete stunned silence. HELLO! IS MY MICROPHONE ON- THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BE MY FLOWERGIRLS!

For Pete Sake - how many ways do I have to spell it out?

Sorry, I know that was a really long post, but I just had to vent that out or I was going to burst. Thanks for listeningEmbarassed

Re: Grr - "No you're NOT my flowergirl!!!"

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    She'll get the hint when you never ask her to buy dresses for the girls.
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    I have a friend who til this day still thinks she is going to be one of my bridesmaids no matter how many times I tell her that I have my sisters and cousins and thats it so she'll realize it when the wedding comes and goes and her kids are not in it!  Don't let it stress you out its your day!
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    I would honestly ignore the e-mail with the pics, she's not getting the memo and it sounds like she'll buy them "flower girl" dresses whether or not her girls are in the wedding. They can wear whatever cute dresses they want, their actual (non-existant) role in the wedding is what will make them guests like the rest of the guests invited!
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    She should get the hint when you don't reply to her email.  Any time she brings it up in person or on the phone just mention (again) how you're not having flower girls or ring bearers.

    Good luck!
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