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Beach Ceremony Decor?

Hey Ladies,
How are you setting up your beach ceremony (if you're having it on the beach)? Are you using an archway, lining the walkway?? I'm trying to visualize some ideas but also have a low budget. I'm thinking of lining the walkway with shells and using bamboo rods with ribbons tied to them to outline the ceremony space. Any suggestions?
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Re: Beach Ceremony Decor?

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    Hey Sarah!

    I know that we are not using an arched trellis, I've nver been a big fan of those so thats out for us.  Im not sure how we are lining the walkway....we are considering placing bleached white 5-finger starfish to mark out a walkway OR hanging something from each chair...still working on that.

    I really want to incorporate bamboo in some way and found some great inspiration through our photographer.  If you go to FB and like "Outer Banks Productions" He posted wedding pics a day or so ago from the Grande Ritz Palm and there were some really pretty decorations with bamboo, starfish and ribbon...very simple and very elegant. 

    I dont know if this helps in any way, but hopefully it will give you some inspiration :)


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    Sooo helpful! Thanks so much!! I love the archway in those pics. Now I have some inspiration. :)
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