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We just got married this past weeked in Kill Deil Hills and used spa vogue. It was the worst expereince of my life with any salon. I am making a better business complaint on them.  They charged us way more then the listed website prces, we did not get any complimentary snacks as they claim to give out, my hairdo was awful, my matron of honor had her hairdo redone because it looked nothing like the pic she brought, and when I showed up for my consultation they tried to charge me a ridiculous fee for a full updo, which I never asked for and when I called the owner to fix the situation she pretty much told me to pound sand and the gratuity was n the entire party's total pie raher ten each persons total so they killed us will alost $100.00 in gratuity for 4 people. Spread the word to all brides to avoid this place at all costs!!!


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    I'm getting my hair done there in sept. I'm not too sure what happened, but I know that prices for brides start at 65+ (which means it could be more), and also a consultation doesn't mean your actually getting your hair done. It just means that they're going to talk to you about it.
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    Yeah, they can rip you off because they say starting at $65.0. They charged me $175.00 for an updo and I had the shortest hair and easiest updo of any of the 3 of us there. Don't be surprised if they try to charge you on the day of your "consultation" either. According to the manager, they schedule everyone atomatically for a trial, no a consultation, and when you try to tell them you only want a consultation they tell you they had you scheduled for a trial and charge you, so I would call back and make very clear to them that you only want a consultation.
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