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organizing posts on this board

hi -

this might be a stupid question but is there any way to organize posts by latest post?
it's not the most active board, but i miss some of the activity since people respond to an old post and it ends up getting pushed back on a different page.


Re: organizing posts on this board

  • I believe those are the default settings for a board, I don't think that it can be changed.
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  • I wondered this, too, especially when I was on the board frequently during wedding planning.  I wish you could click on Latest Posts and it would sort.

    I also wish the search option was more obvious - there are lots of helpful, older posts (like people's reviews of all their vendors) that get quickly hidden.
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    Once upon a time in a magical place, you were able to sort by most recent posts :)  Unfortunately, it is one of many glitches that TK Gods have yet to fix, and this after about a year or so if it first messing up.  The Mods reported this regularly and were constantly given a date as to when it would be remedied, but alas, no solution as of yet.  It's frustrating, I know, but if there is a particular post that is helpful to you, you can always utilize the "watch this discussion" button, at the top of the thread and to the right of the title.


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