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I'm planning on having my ceremony on Hatteras Island.  However, I read that they don't allow anything (i.e. chairs, alters, etc) on site.  Is this true?  If so, has anyone found creative ways to set the scene without breaking the rules?  Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Use seashells to line your "aisle"  -- Otherwise, you might contact them to see if guests can "bring they're own beach chairs" -- what's the difference if you had a day at the beach??

    Good luck!!!
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    HI. I ran into the same problem as you, which is the reason I moved my wedding to a northern beach. But I have seen pictures of weddings on Hatteras that have chairs set up. I also talked to several brides that set chairs up too. I was just afraid that in the middle of my ceremony someone would come and tell me I couldn't put up chairs or something. You can set a few chairs up for people with disabilities, or older guests, and that isn't against the rules.


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    Thanks for the suggestions ladies.  I've come across a few photos where brides decorated a bit despite the "don'ts."  I
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