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Any suggestions for OBX vacation rental companies? Please!

I thought we found the house to rent for our July 2013 wedding but then I read some BAD reviews about the realty/rental company so now I have doubts! Does anyone have any suggestions about any rental companies in the Outer Banks? I've heard great things about Twiddy, but as far as I've seen their rentals are out of our price range. We have a limited budget and we were hoping to find a 6 bedroom house between $5000-$6500 because we also realize that we will also have to pay event fees and deposits. 

My FI is deployed so I was hoping to find a house without taking a trip to the OBX but it seems that may be my best bet to get a better feel of the location of the houses!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions! Smile

Re: Any suggestions for OBX vacation rental companies? Please!

  • We always vacation in Hatteras and have had great luck with Outer Beaches Realty and Hatteras Realty... Not sure about the northern beaches. Hope that helps!
  • We rent in Duck, and have rented from Twiddy, Elan Vacations and Carolina Designs. Check into the additional fees charged, Twiddy was awesome and had no additional fees on top of the rentals (aside from event fees). We also looked at Brindley Beach and they seemed decent too. What rental company did you hear bad things about?
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  • My parents and several of our guests used Beach Realty NC, but I didn't have any real contact with the company aside from viewing and picking out the house (my parents handled the money since we were "renting" the rooms out to family members from two 9 bdrm houses).
  • Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I appreciate it!
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    We have rented from several different companies over the years (We usually stay in Duck). We have always had wonderful experiences with Twiddy and Southern Shores Realty. My mom paid for our honeymoon and we stayed at a place with Resort Realty (our first experience with them), and it was also a very pleasant stay. The only poor experience we've ever had was about 7 or so years ago. I don't remember the name of the rental company, but I remember the logo was red with white letters. (I'm sorry I know that's pretty vague.)

     I think your budget is something that you can definitely find a great property with! Laughing I think I saw that you were planning on July. Places will be at their peak prices that month. Just think about the things you want. There are OF places you could do for that, but they wouldn't have too many extras (no pool, HT, etc.) You could go oceanside and a little further back - more likely to have the extras. You could also consider the soundside or soundfront. I think some of the communities (at least in Duck) offer a trolley service too, so if you were further back you wouldn't have to walk too far to the beach.

    Sorry that was so long winded. Good luck! Let us know what you decide :)
  • Yay! We finally picked a beach house! It's oceanfront in Duck! As in keeping with wedding tradtions it comes in a little over budget! LoL I'll just have to budget better in our other wedding plans! Guess the next task will be finding an Officant! Thanks for everyone's comments! Smile

  • Oh, yeah... def go with Rev Jay!! 
  • Yes, Rev. Jay Bowman is highly sought after and books up quick.  Now, this may be out of order from any checklist you may see, but when it comes to the OBX, the next things you will want to confirm are your officiant and your photographer....everything else comes after that.  Trust us, the good ones get booked quickly, so you will definitely want to secure those two next.  Then you can move onto catering, DJ, etc. and let it all fall into place.

    Which house do you book in Duck?


  • Wow! Rev. Jay must be THE BEST as everyone suggests him! I will def get to work on finding an Officiant and I know where I'm starting the search! Thanks for all the advice! I should've realized it but I didn't think I had to book a photographer this early so thanks for that advice too OBX! I haven't even looked at any photograper information yet, so I need to do that soon! I have looked into catering a little though as I think we are doing a BBQ and I've read a lot of good things about High Cotton BBQ although a friend of mine knows the chef at Coastal Provisions. 

    I'm going to have plenty of time in the next couple weeks to do a lot of planning as I have tendinitis in my knee and won't be working! :-( 

    We decided on Journey's Reward in Duck! I'm very exited with our choice and look forward to taking a trip down to Duck to check things out! 
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