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Need Feedback on Hilton Garden Kitty Hawk Pier House :)

Hi all,

I am looking at booking the Kitty Hawk Pier House for my April 2011 wedding.  I can't be more pleased with the coordinator there who has helped me with any questions I have had. I unfortunately have not been able to get down to the OBX to physically see the Pier House yet. I was wondering if anyone has had their reception at the Pier House and could provide me any feedback on their experience.  I appreciate all the help!

Thanks so much!

Re: Need Feedback on Hilton Garden Kitty Hawk Pier House :)

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    If you go to the OBX wedding association, there are stories/pics from recent weddings and I believe 2 different brides had their wedding at The Pier House and I think there is a way to get in contact with them.  I considered The Pier House as well but decided to have an event home reception instead.

    Happy Planning!


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    I haven't had mine there YET, but the place is gorgeous!  Also if you order the free magazine from the outer banks wedding association, there are tons of pictures of it.

    Only thing, I haven't seen it since Earl.... But my coordinator who is awesome never mentioned any damage either.

    I love the place and don't think I will add any additional decorations!

    Good luck!
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