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Inn on Pamlico Sound??

My fiance and I are thinking of having our fall 2011 wedding in the Outer Banks, and I was looking at The Inn on Pamlico Sound  in Buxton as a reception venue.  I was thinking of having a casual ceremony on the beach somewhre, and then the reception at the Inn.  Does anyone have any experience with this place?  We're going to be going down to the Outer Banks in a few weeks, so we're going to check it out while we're down there.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for hair/make-up, florists, DJ's/whatever in the Avon or Buxton areas, please let me know! 

Re: Inn on Pamlico Sound??

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    We were married in Buxton at the church and at our reception at the love boat.  DH and I have had dinner at the inn and did check it out.  They are not children friendly.  Which wasn't a huge deal but sort of messed with plans a bit.  They have a new chef since I've been there, but i've heard good things.  Definately check it out, I know the dining room is small, but I'm pretty sure they set a tent up on the lawn or use the deck.

    I can give you a ton of reccomendations for everything else. You can email me bigwuhead at
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