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The Pearl for Reception Venue?

Hi Brides!
Anyone used or been to a wedding that used the Pearl Restaurant's Oceanfront Event Room for their reception? Our rental home turned out to be WAAAY out of budget for our venue (Beach Realty- stay away people! Rudest most unhelpful company ever!). So we are looking for a new venue....yet again! I like what I've seen of the Pearl on line but would love some real people reviews!! Help a stressed out bride out please.
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Re: The Pearl for Reception Venue?

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    Relax and take a deep deep breath...its all going to workout darlin!

    YES!!!  My sister in law had her reception at The Pearl 3 years ago and it was a fabulous time!  She used the OF room as well and we danced outside on the patio area, it was a great night!  The planner and chef both were very helpful and I have heard other brides that were pleased as well.  Now someone on one of these posts, not sure which one, but one of the brides talked more in detail about using The Pearl.  You will have to do a little digging to find it, but Im sure its there!

    Here is the link to some weddings at The Pearl, if you havent already seen them!

    Good luck and happy planning!


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    Thanks! I'm going to try to whisk my fiance away for this weekend so we can see the venue in person before making this huge decision. Five hours each way driving makes it a long trip but it's worth the feeling of peace about our venue choice. I so appreciate you sharing your experience! Congrats to you also and hope your wedding is all you've dreamed of.

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    Only bc you are making the trip, I would suggest calling ahead and making sure someone can show you around or give a tasting.  I'd hate to see you drive all that way and then need to go back again another time. 
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    We're using the pearl for our june 24th wedding next year. I posted more about it a little further down when someone else asked.  Good luck!

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    We got married at the Pearl Labor Day weekend of 2009.  We were planning the wedding from San Diego so wanted a place that would really help us with all of the coordination.  We rented out the entire restaurant and did the ceremony on the beach in front.

    The pros...
    The wait staff was so professional and polished. It really was above and beyond.  It was really convenient to have the ceremony right out front and then the reception in the restaurant - so easy for us and the guests.  Trish, the owner, basically acted as a wedding planner the day of and that was very helpful for us.  My dad found her really great to work with at the end of the event when settling up the final bill.  Oh, and there was a San Diego champagne we wanted to have for our toast and Trish took care of everything to get the shipment into the restaurant.  The decor of the reception room, the restaurant and the patio was really pretty and summer beachy feeling.

    The cons...
    They don't own the beach so they can't ask the sun worshippers to clear out.  There were people laying out on their towels, facing our ceremony because they were so curious.  I had a lot of trouble getting a final contract out of the Pearl. I was really anxious about going over my budget and found that very stressful.  The "everything will be fine!" response wasn't reassuring enough for me.  The Sea Ranch hotel is awful.  They refused to let us hold a room to get ready in the morning before the ceremony. They also required our guests stay three nights if we wanted a room block.  Plus, it's just a low quality hotel.
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