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I have been looking into wedding officiants and I was wondering if anyone else was shocked by the price.... I never expected it to cost $300, plus extra for a rehersal.
I have done some research and nc does not have any justices of the peace, so that is not an option.
Does anyone know of an officiant that would do a beach wedding for less than that?

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    you could try Robert Woody. He's great! 

    but just an fyi...the reason everything is so expensive here is because there is the market for it. The Outer Banks is the #1 destination wedding place on the East they can really get away with charging that much...because someone will definitely pay for it. 
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    We used Rev. Jay Bowman - he's amazing.  The pkg we got included the rehearsal.  You should check him out.
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    I would second Rev. Jay.  I believe for rehearsal and wedding it is close to $700 though.
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    I knew it was going to be more expensive than at home, but going from free where I live to $300 with no rehersal in OBX is something I wasn't expecting.
    I am a bargain hunter, I am sure I will find something cheaper!
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    i also second bob woody...i got married in july and believe with rehearsal it was around 300...he was very professional and worked with what we wanted...i also was not happy about how expensive officants were and looked around and many different officiants...good luck!
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    Just wondering, did you ever find an affordable officiant?  I have run into the same problem!  Only I haven't even found someone to do it for $300, I have only been quoted $425 and up!  That's way more than I was budgeting for!
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    I am in the same boat. Once I started looking at officiant pricing and seeing how exploited it was, it really made me rethink. I believe on the County's website, there is a number to call to get a magistrate. Or most likely what we are going to do is have someone who knows us very well get ordained online. After doing some research in NC, it's perfectly legal to have anyone ordained marry you. Hope that helps!

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