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I'm in need of some advice!!! We actually had planned to have a larger wedding near where we live but decided we don't want to go out and spend all the $$$! So we are looking into having a small family and close friends only wedding in the Outer Banks. We are looking to rent a house for our immediate family and close firneds (about 8 bedrooms) and have a small beach ceremony followed by a dinner at the house or getting a private area in a local restaurant.

It seems as though anytime we mention wedding, these realty companies are throwing out their "event fees" and all these other fees. I'm only looking for a small wedding so no one other than the people who will be staying in the house will be at the dinner (if we decide to get the dinner catered and have it at the rental). I'm not evening considering it a reception as we will not be having a DJ or dancing or anything like that. 

Any advice from anyone familiar with the area or what I could do?? I really don't want to pay extra fees for something that it doesn't seem like it corresponds to what I am looking for. 


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    How frustrating!  I think the event fees are to cover extra plumbing/water costs and the risk of damages due to all the people.  It doesn't make sense to me that you'd incur additional fees if you don't plan to exceed to occupancy of the house. I'd politely ask for an explanation.

    We're renting a house with sunrealty for two weeks surrounding our wedding.  We're getting married on the beach at a restaurant and then heading inside for dinner in a private event room. The prices were right in line with catering, but everything was taken care of outside of the house (clean up, set up, etc.) so that just seemed like less of a headache for us.

    Good luck and happy planning!
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    I would tell the realty company you wont be exceeding the maximum occupancy of the rental house.  Ms_Teach is right, the "event" fee is for covering the extra traffic there would be, but in your case there wouldn't be any additional people.  If the realty company isn't willing to work w/ you on the fee either go ahead and pay the fee if its a house you simply must ahve or go with another realty company who will work with you.  However, do not leave out the fact that you will be having a wedding b/c you'd hate to have someone see/report you and have the realty company fine you or kick you out early.
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    Seaside Vacations does not charge wedding/event fees!  I mean come on, this is OUR wedding and WE are the ones getting the gifts here, not paying the rental company for OUR day, lol.

    I rented "Big Mama's" for next May.... it has 8 master br's, outdoor fireplace at the pool and surrounded by palm trees and is just absolutely gorgoues!  It reminds me of the original style beach house and looks very rustic but trust me, is also gorgeous!  I have seen it in person and I cant wait to string white lights everywhere!

    They offer a lot of different homes but I went with this one b/c our yellow lab is the love of our life and she MUST be a part of our big day, couldnt imagine it without her. 

    Happy Planning!!


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    Hey OBX 2011! Are you having a larger reception at the house? Also, do you have any additional security deposit? These realty companies are such a pain in the butt!!!
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    My aunt and uncle's house does not have an event fee and there have been weddings there in the past.  It is called beach baby.  There are 8 bedrooms, elevator.  The house next door to it can be rented also if you wanted to let your guests know and the two pools open up to eachother to extend your deck space.  The houses are identical.  I believe the other one is called Beach Bungalo.  if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

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    Hi Sarah!

    We have decided to have a tented reception at the house!  I looked up north at Duck and Corolla but I have always stayed in S. Nags Head so that is where i want to get married, it just feels more like "my nags head" in that area if that makes sense.  Out of all the homes in S. Nags Head, this was the one for me but I also had a tall order to fill: must be OF, pet-friendly, allow partial weeks and have a min of 8 br's.  Now, all of those sound pretty simple at first until you want all of those things in the SAME house, lol.  It took a lot of searching but something about Big Mama's just felt right to me.  They have a very large grassy area in front of the house that can very easily accommodate a tent and I just cant wait to string white lights everywhere....I want it to be very romantic and like a magical place! 

    Seaside is the ONLY company that does NOT charge an event fee and the only deposit is the standard ones that apply, nothing extra though.  Just ask them and even they will tell you how silly they think it is that other companies do.  I mean really, its just another way for them to make a buck and yea, yea, yea I get the whole thing about OBX being such a popular place but come on now!  LOL

    Let me know if you have ANY questions at all, I love to be the helper!  You can reach me here on the board or at [email protected]

    Happy Planning!


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