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Out of curiosity, how are/how did all of you plan for your bar? We were thinking open bar, but that jumped our price per person from 33/head to over 72/head. We also can choose a pre-determined amount of alcohol or pay based upon consumption. We may still stick to the open bar, but it's going to push the budget limits a bit. Any suggestions? Stick to open, switch to pre-determined or consumption?

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  • You're at Budleigh, right?  Why not BYOB?
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  • My suggestion would be to pay by consumption, never go the flat fee route. We are only offering beer, wine and our signature drink. There is a bar next to our reception room though, so if people want something else they can go right there.
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  • Oh, Jen.... I have asked the same question more times than I can count! Simply stated... I was vetoed. I wanted to BYOB to save $, then all our parents said NO, it's easier to have the caterer take care of it. (Booo!) haha Since they're putting in the largest sum of $ for the wedding, we went with their decision.

    Kelly- how many are you expecting for your wedding? How much of a signature drink were you planning for? Fi and I were just talking about possibly switching to beer, wine, and a drink.
  • Thats so sad :(  We did BYOB, spent about $1500 on all alcohol (beer, wine, liquor, champagne.  That amounted to about $20/person and we had SO much leftover!  I will also say that I did too much stuff myself though.  Haha!

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    Teach(I'm still bad with our names and for the life of me can't figure out who you are on our FB page!!!) we are having 40 max at the Sanderling, and of those possible 40, I would tend to say that 10-15 aren't what you would consider "heavy" drinkers(either people who would have a drink or two, i.e. my parents, or people who don't drink at all or believe in alcohol, i.e. Kelly's uncle and her grandma) So the rest will probably be what you would call moderate drinkers who would get a good buzz going or like me and hopefully Kelly, get pi$$ a$$ drunk! LOL!

    As far as how much of a Sig drink, i'm not sure.  With the Sanderling, our coordinator builds into our PP cost the alcohol portion based on what tier we want.  Included is the champagne for the toast, red and white wine beginning at the cocktail hour I BELIEVE, and throughout dinner and reception, and beer.  Our signature drink I think is based off of 2 drinks per person, but I couldn't even tell you what our drink will be let alone how much we will have.  We talked about a Vodka/Lemonade sig drink(simple drink with one alcohol) as the more types of alcohol in the drink, obviously the higher the price PP.
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  • haha.. that's ok, Rick! :) If it helps, it would be quite difficult to remember my name since I'm not on the FB page anymore (too many school kiddies with access to me despite my best attempts for every privacy setting I could think of. This is the problem of knowing a kid's parents. haha) Anyhoodle, I'm Ang. 

    I think we're leaning towards "by consumption". You got me thinking, Rick, about how many people are the hard and heavy kind, the light/casual drinkers, and the people that won't drink at all. 

    If anyone still has suggestions, every bit helps.. I have until Tuesday to make my final decisions.
  • It's ok Ang. I just like to put name to face!
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  • I also suggested BYOB and my mom shot that down real quick! She insisted she get a bartender.. I say let me get some galvanized tubs, throw some ice in them, buy some mini bottles of wine and some beer and people can help themselves. My mom obviously hates this idea, but our friends and family aren't crazy! I'm marrying a fireman and there will be many fireman at our wedding... They know first hand the consequences of excessive drinking.
  • Well we're still hiring bartenders (through our caterer) but are buying our own beer/wine/liquor.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Bar Questions</a>:
    [QUOTE]Well we're still hiring bartenders (through our caterer) but are buying our own beer/wine/liquor.
    Posted by jendem8[/QUOTE]

    <div>This was my second option, too. I got vetoed again. haha. I forget, Jen - how much longer to your big day. I forget if you're before me or after me?</div>
  • We're doing open bar with Coastal Provisions and it's $21/pp X 50 people for a total of $1050.00.  This didn't include the bartender fee which is an additional $150 plus tax of course. 

    I'm not sure if this is based on consumption or flat fee or predetermine or what because while it's a flat fee, per person, it also indicates around how many drinks that is per person.  We'll have a few heavy drinkers but we added the 5 kids that are coming into that number and they obviously won't be drinking alcohol..

    The bar is open for 4 hours (6:30 - 10:30) and then they'll setup for "self-serve" wine, beer etc after that.  Figure by then we'll be doing cake, coffee anyway.

    Here's what it includes:
    Sodas/Mixers/Call Liquor/Beer/Wine Includes Ice (enough for bar package level), White Cocktail Napkins, Traditional BarCondiments (Olives, Cherries, Limes, Lemons), Wine, Chillers, Coolers, Tubs.
    Pick up to 5 Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Pick 2-3 Beers (2-3 beers per person), Pick 2-4 Wine Varietals (2-3 glasses per person). Traditional Mixers: OJ, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Sour Mix, Triple Sec, Grenadine, Tonic, Diet Tonic, Club Soda (additional mixer options - Grapefruit Juice, Tomato Juice, Bitters, Vermouth). Liquor: Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Vodka, Scotch (3 drinks per person).

    I want to add that "call liquor" doesn't mean rail liquor either :) 
  • I'm before you... next Friday (the 22nd) - eek!
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