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Decorating Hilton Pier House

I'm thinking about having my wedding at the Hilton Pier House this fall and I'm wondering how much decorating I will need to do.  I know that they provide centerpieces, but is anything else provided?  Also, has anyone had their wedding on the pier, or down on the beach?  I'm considering the beach and wanted to see if anyone had any positive or negative feedback.

Thanks in advance for your help! 

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    Hi and welcome!

    I think Mija is the coordinator there and Im sure she has some pics she could share or you could type it into the search box and see what you come up with....I also sent you a pm (private message) with some links ;)


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    Hi there!

    I had my wedding there last September and it was BEAUTIFUL!  We only used our centerpieces (which the hotel now has) and it was perfect.  The fact that the venue itself is so pretty coupled with the panoramic ocean views you get - not much else is needed. :)  We worked with Emily and she's also great!

    Also, I had my ceremony on the beach to the right of the pierhouse around 5:30pm.  We really wanted the sand between our toes.  It was also slightly less windy - so you may want to consider that.

    Wishing you the best of luck!  You've picked a great spot!

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    Thanks!  How many people did you have at your reception?  So far my list is at 120 and I am really scared that we might not have enough room. 
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    We invited roughly 140 but had a little less thant 100 come due to the location... we had lots of space.  We did the plated dinner option (great food!) which you may want to consider if you think everyone is going to come.  Doing it this way provided tons of extra room for us b/c the only food table was for the cake.  We even had room for a photo booth!  :)
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    I am having my wedding at the Pier House and we would like to use the beach. Emily said we had to get rental stuff for the ceremony. Who did you use for that and would you recommend them? Thanks!!
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