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Budleigh Brides - Ceremony location ideas

Hi Everyone,

We booked 108 Budleigh in Manteo for our 10-9-11 wedding and we are trying to decide if we want to have the ceremony there as well.  My concern is turning over the ceremony space during cocktail hour without the guests seeing what is going on.  Anyone out there planning to have their ceremony and reception at Budleigh?  If so, how do you plan to arrange everything?  We are planning on 200 guests.


Re: Budleigh Brides - Ceremony location ideas

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    I am also a 108 Budleigh bride getting married on 9/16/11 but our ceremony is on the beach.  You could have the cocktail hour upstairs but with 200 guests that may be a tight could have the cocktail hour on the trellis and the grassy area in front of Shindigs, which is their rental company right outside of the trellis area, however that would cost extra to rent the grassy area as well.  Those are really the only suggestions that I have.  I think either way you slice it, it will be obvious to the guests that there is a change over taking place and when you do a ceremony and reception at the same venue, it is very hard to avoid that.  I would speak to the ladies of 108 and ask what other brides have done in the past and Im sure they can help you come up with something.  Either way, it is going to be one fabulous affair and it WILL be everything you wanted!

    Happy Planning!  ;)


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    I live in the area and have attended many receptions at 108 Budleigh.  The space will be somewhat tight with 200 people.  Luckily they have the patio outside and an upstairs that is good for adding space.  The last wedding I attended there they just had tables set up in the upper level for extra seating.  That bride had about 300 guests and it never got TOO tight.  She also had the lawn next to the 108 Budleigh property set up with seating under a tent (that is available if you're willing to pay the extra $$!)  

     I have not actually attended a ceremony there, but have seen pictures where people set the chairs up in the room by the stairs.  Seemed to work pretty well.  Good luck!  You have definitely chosen one of the nicest places in Manteo!
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    Thanks everyone for your ideas.  I like the outside idea quite a bit and will speak with the ladies about doing that when I visit in March.

    Happy planning everyone!

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