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Beach Home Reception for large group in Outer Banks, NC


Does anyone know if there are any beach houses in the Outer Banks that will allow a reception of 200 people??

We are planning on getting married right on the beach so we were planning on renting a house anyway but would be so much more easier and cheaper if we could find a house that would be able to hold 200 people versus having to rent a house plus a venue.

Any information anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Beach Home Reception for large group in Outer Banks, NC

  • I am pretty sure that the Love Boat, on Hatteras Island will allow up to 200 people.  However, it is a sound front event home.  The sound area is beautiful, and has a beachy area to it.  The back yard is huge, and that is where I am having my reception.  
  • Pelican's Landing will hold up to 150. We didn't do a whole lot of research beyond that since it was perfect for us - we are looking at a max 150 coming but you'd probably need a place that could hold a fairly large tent since 200 people would be unrealistic to have a rain plan of heading into the house and a lot of homes just don't seem to have that much yard space.
  • We actually looked at Pelican's Landing but they didn't have the dates we wanted available and plus they require to use their caterer but thanks for the info!

  • Grande Ritz Palm (soundside) in Duck can take up to 125.   There's another one called Acsension that is also up to 125 people

    Chateau E'Lan is also up to 125 people.

    Twiddy has a lot of event homes in the 4x4 area (not sure how you feel about that) and up in Corolla.  They are very nice if you call and talk to them about it.  One that we looked at with Twiddy was Family Ties.  This was our first choice because it has a very large lawn, but we couldn't find an oceanfront, pet friendly home close enough to it (we were renting two homes) Also, the costs of having it in a rental home were really adding up and just didn't seem worth it.

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  • PP"s have some good recommendations but I don't believe there is an event home that can hold 200.

    I would call Twiddy, Carolina Designs & Brindley Beach and ask them directly as they tend to handle the larger event homes.


  • I second calling Twiddy. They have a lot of properties that can accomodate weddings that are on the larger size. Mine was held at the Wild Horse (by Twiddy). We had a really small wedding but it's so gorgeous and they even have a banquet hall in the house that you can use for dining or partying in case of inclement weather.

    I'm going to sound like a broken record in all of my posts but check out my blog:

    I posted a ton of pictures and information about our wedding at the Wild Horse. :) I hope this helps!
  • Gertrude's Breakaway can have 125.

  • The Saltaire House can have 150

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  • Definitely contact Twiddy. The wild horse is huge and can definitely hold 200 people
  • I was going to suggest Wild Horse, but I don't know how many it can accommodate. You have to consider all of the transporting issues of 200 people and all-things-wedding up to the 4x4 area though.
  • I'm getting married at the Wild Horse - I think 200 would be a very tight squeeze. We are having about 100. My caterer suggested using the receptino room just for dinner and dancing out on the downstairs deck which might work for 200 but then you would have to worry about the weather. Also the transportation there is a big issue. Most of our family do not have 4WD so we are offering transportation but the transportation company has been the most stressful part of planning this wedding so far!
  • ugh!  Lgorm893, I so wanted to do one of these huge houses but my step dad needs to be able to easily access a store everyday for a paper, new ice for the beer coolers we keep fully stocked (in addition to those in the house) lol. I just knew it wouldn't work for us.  I'm jealous that you are using that house though!  I really wish there would be more places like the Wild Horse in other parts of OBX!

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  • It is harder to deal with transportation but so worth it! Every year we stay on the 4x4 so we are use to it by now! The one plus is that this house has a huge ice maker so we won't have to go into town every day for ice! Other then that we try to stock up on food and alcohol for the whole week to make as little trips as possible!
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