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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Sarah Kimmel

Has anyone used this photographer? I won a $300 off certificate at the expo. I am having a difficult time looking at her pictures on her website.


Re: Sarah Kimmel

  • What a coincidence - I won $300, too!
  • Hey! I actually remember another post on The Knot about her I think . . . I tried to find it but I can't seem to locate it. I think this was the link in it (when I searched Sarah Kimmel this came up as the thing I'd clicked from that post)

    She responds to the complaint there so I guess you can judge for yourself but I seem to remember there was another issue with her on another board. I don't know! This could have been a bridezilla but I agree that her photos look very snapshot-y and a lot of the ones on her site don't even look in focus.
  • I am not familiar with her but from a little bit of research, she seems to be a newer photog on the OBX and just started her business in June of 2010, but we all have to start at some point, right?


  • I ALSO won a $300 discount... Very interesting indeed!
  • Hmm...to me this sounds like a I bumped my normal prices up discount.  Its like when you go to Howl at the Moon (if anyone else is familiar...?) and you "WIN" a VIP party.  Guess what, if you want to have a party there, you can call and get the exact same deal.  Haha! :)
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  • After reading this thread, I have decided not to hire this photographer. I saw the complaints on the link posted above and was on the fence but now I have made up my mind. Thank you for your posts.
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