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Bridesmaids shoes

Hey all!  I was just wondering how you handled bridesmaids shoes for a beach ceremony, just go barefoot, flip flops, etc.  And if you did flip flops did you buy them for the girls?  And did you buy flip flops for the guys? 

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    They guys got Sperry shoes (found a great deal on  The girls are going barefoot, then I just asked them to get silver strappy shoes of their choice for the rest of the night.  We didn't buy any because we purchased other gifts (and paid for half of the vacation home).
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  • Our guys seem to insist on wearing regular tux shoes (though I'm willing to bet that'll be uncomfortable... but, eh, who am I to judge. haha) Gals are going barefoot with option for flippy floppies - not sure if the sand will still be too hot at 5 in July. If they wanted them, they just ordered them when they ordered their dresses... our look is pretty laid back, though.. no one is very matchy
  • We are doing wedge flip flops for the girls, actually found ones from Old Navy that are navy blue and yellow, both our wedding colors. The guys are going to be in brown leather flip flops. We're buying the shoes as part of our gift to our wedding party.
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    All of us were barefoot and the guys had on sandals afterwards and the girls had silver shoes.

    Teach--your guys may want to seriously re-think their plan.  They will end up with sand in their socks & shoes and it's not easy to walk on the sand wearing shoes in the 1st place....your inner bride may have to put the hammer down on this one ;)


  • For the ceremony the girls will be barefoot and I bought them flip flops with silver rhinestone straps for the reception and the guys will be wearing all black converse, not sure if they will have them on for the ceremony tho
  • Guys are wearing sneakers that almost look like saddle shoes, but cooler, and the girls are goign barefoot.
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  • I bought silver Old Navy flip flops for the BMs and bright pink ones for myself. I don't plan on any of us wearing them on the beach for the ceremony and my girls are wearing long dresses so who will see them anyway?? My FI is planning on buying his guys brown leather flip flops (at least, he was, now we're getting down to the wire!!)
  • I also bought silver Old Navy flip flopd for my BMs.  They guys wore tuxes, but I specified for them to not rent the shoes. They wore black flip flops.
  • My BM's are wearing flip flops to match their dress color from David's bridal and I bought those and their jewelry as their gift. The guys are wearing brown leather flip flops but I sent them pics and told them to get or wear something similar. We are all wearing our flip flops on the beach. Me included white ones. I also have flip flops available for guests who need them found them this week at CVS for 1 each pair!! Got 12 pairs half girls half guys.
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