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Seating for Beach Ceremony

For those of you who have had/are having a beach ceremony, did you provide seating for all your guests, or did they gather around the ceremony area. We don't know if the extra expense is worth the short time on the beach. We will be having 100-110 at the ceremony.  Thinking about having some chairs for grandparents and older folks, and having others gather round.  Thoughts?

Re: Seating for Beach Ceremony

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    I haven't even looked at quotes yet for that. I know the National Park area doesn't allow chairs to be set up for ceremonies, so it's probably pretty common. 

    I think chairs for grandparents/elderly and letting everyone else stand around is fine as long as the ceremony is short (more than 10 min and people may start to get anxious and fidgety).  

    I've seen a few pictures with long benches instead of chairs... have you looked into that? I'm thinking it may be cheaper, but I've been wrong on quite of few of these wedding cost estimates already...
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    We had 45 guests, had 4 benches (that my BIL made) set up for parents/grandparents and a few other people.  I think there were about 10-15 people standing behind the benches. I think its fine if people stand.  It can get expensive renting chairs/benches and it was an expense I didn't want to have for that short of time.
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    We had chairs setup.  I think it is a good idea to have chairs with backs on them especially if you have older folks invited. I think you will feel more relaxed if your guest are seated. Sand can be hot and unstable . . just something else to think about.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions.  Planning from afar sure has its challenges!   But it will all be worth it in the end!
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    Chairs were one of the issues that my husband and I did not agree on and it was a big source of stress for me.   I wanted to have chairs for everyone and he just wanted to have chairs for the older people.  We got married in August , the ceremony was about 20 minutes and it is hot on the beach.   Most of our guests traveled at least 10 hours to come to our wedding.   I told me husband we have invited our family and friends to come so far to see us get married, the least we can do is give them chairs.  The chairs we rented were approximately $3.50 a piece so I figured $350 for 100 guests after asking them to travel so far, take time off work, etc, was something we needed to do.  We invited about 135 people, but only about 66 ended up coming.   I was glad that we had chairs for everyone and so were our guests.   I also had our florists put pretty ribbons with starfish hanging on the aisle chairs.  It was so pretty.  
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    One of my biggest pet peeves is not having enough chairs for something like a wedding ceremony.  I agree with a couple of the PPs.  If the ceremony is short enough, it might not make a difference to your guests, but people will likely end up standing more later in the day such as during cocktails and the like so having a seat for them at the ceremony is worth it for your guests.

    We actually ruled out several ceremony locations because of the restrictions on seating.  
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