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transporting guests to Carova by 4x4

Does anyone know which companies will shuttle guests from Corolla to Carova and back? It seems like the one or two companies I've seen online only have regular sized SUVs that can carry 4 guests max. Does anyone have experience shuttling a much larger number of guests to their 4x4 beach wedding? Your replies are appreciated!

Re: transporting guests to Carova by 4x4

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    I'm not sure if they go to Carova but Sandy Beach Tours (, does transpo in the area and has vehicles that can handle larger groups.
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    I have also heard of some brides previously mentioning some sort of a funky bus that does transportation to Carova.  If I have time, I will try to search some older posts and see if I can come up with the company name and let you know.  But I'm pretty sure that there is something :)
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    I am also trying to find a shuttle to transport to the 4x4 areas from a hotel for around 70 guests (probably). I have heard of the bus and I think you are talking about the Big Blue Bus aka Barrier Island Ecotours but I have read some bad things about the owner... don't know if it's true or not but the bus seems like a cool idea!!

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    We are getting married in Carova this September and we've booked transportation through Wild Horse Adventure Tours. The GM, Rick, we had initially hired to take us to go see what ended up becoming where we are getting married. We didn't makethe trek down there with a 4 wheel drive vehicle, so we were able to hire him (even though it was for $60) to run us out to see the house). He really was great.

    Joey in the office has been really helpful and she really is no frills and is highly encouraging that they will take care of things. They have 9 passenger vehicles, both Hummers and Suburbans where they can arrange a couple of pick up & drop off points and times. So far they've been so incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable about the area. We are possibly having up to 100 guests, so they feel comfortable that they can accommodate. Give them a call 252-489-2020. Not sure what your transportation budget is, but they seem really great to work with.
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    I am having my wedding 5 miles up the 4x4 beach. We vacation here every year and the house is through Twiddy. I know that Twiddy offers Satelite parking so that you can have all the guest be picked up at the same spot which can be helpful. I have approximately 30-50 guests we will need to transport and still have yet to find the best transportation company. I was told about the lifted buses but was worried these would look to tacky.
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    That's great to know that Twiddy offers satellite parking! We rented our house through them, so I will be sure to ask them if we can use their office as a pick up spot. I know that our transportation peeps suggested we have a pick up spot. Thanks for the tip!

  • If you are renting a house from Twiddy, they now operate their own 4x4 bus to transport wedding/event guests, AND offer satellite parking. HUGE convenience!! 
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