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Just got married on Hatteras Island

We were married @ The Love Boat in Frisco Cinco De Mayo and it was PERFECT! I So I thought I could share any information for those looking for ideas. We are local to Hatteras Island, so it was so much fun for us to plan our wedding here.

We had the best friends and family and help along the way. So we especially wanted to give recommendations to the locals that helped make it perfect.

We used Hatteras Realty (The Love Boat)
Bonnie Williams (Officient)
The Catering Company, of Hatteras (Tracy Morris)
Island Perks (Cake)
Every Blooming Thing for flowers (Jinny McBride)

We have pictures coming and would be happy to share and information. Just ask.

Ch & Jh

Re: Just got married on Hatteras Island

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    I would LOVE any tips, advice or otherwise that you might have!  My boyfriend of three and a half years proposed last week on our annual family vacation to Hatteras! :)  We've already booked the Love Boat for next summer and now I'm trying to figure out where to go from here! 
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    I'm getting married down there in 2 months and am also using Bonnie and Jinny!  They have both been great so far.  I Would love to see some of your pics when you get them back, especially of the flowers!
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    I used Every Blooming Thing. Jinny is a wonderful woman, but I think she was too busy during my wedding, which was July 2nd. She got multiple things mixed up. In addition, I used blue hydrangeas in my bouquet, in my center pieces and on the cake. One of the 3 bunches of hydrangeas in my bouquet dead before I got to the church and it was not unusually hot and I was not careless with it. My centerpieces looked beautiful. My cake flowers ALL died. I never saw my beautiful cake without the dead flowers on it. I was so disappointed. Looking back at a lot of my pictures I wish I had realized how awful my bouquet looked and left it out, but unfortunately its in almost all of them. There is more and I am willing to share if you would like. Email me at Jodi Jodi Jodi
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    I am so excited to see  that you got married at the Love Boat in MAY!

    We have the Love Boat booked for May 2011 and I have so many questions about the set-up of the location! Its so hard to imagine where everything will go and it is the one thing I have really struggled with getting info on. I would really appreciate any help you could give me.

    Did the ceremony take place on the property and if so was it at the beach or the gazebo?

    Did you have a sit-down meal or heavy hors d'vors? Was there a dance floor? Did people all stay outside or were there tables set up indoors?

    Did you have a tent and if so how big was it? Did you need to rent a lot of tables and chairs? Did you have to rent port-o- pottys?

    How many guests did you have?

    DO you have recommendations on where to have out of town guests stay?

    Advice and recommendations are soooo welcome. I would love to see pictures to get a sense of how things were set up and the space involved. I appreciate any help you are willing to give me. You don't have to post back here, if you could write me at I would be so thankful.

    Thanks so much!!!
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    Oh also.. did you have a dance floor and if so where was it? Dancing is a huge priority for me... and maybe the biggest mystery to where it should happen!
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    I am the Captain of the Love Boat.
    my email address is
    contact me and I will help you on all you questions
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    Did you use a local photographer?  We are trying to nail down some of our vendors, now that we have less than a year to go!!!  THanks for the info... I wanted hydrangeas but am not set on them.

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    Hi Ladies!  I would love to know the answers to ALL of the questions that Samantha asked.  We have booked the Love Boat for a July 2011 wedding.  Thank you so much for any guidance and answers.  My address is  I look forward to hearing from you!  Thanks!  Alison
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