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Just reserved her.. any thoughts or feedback?

Re: Julie Dreelin Photography

  • Her stuff is beautiful, and our photographer (Chris Bickford) is on her staff now.  I think you'll be extremely pleased!
    image June 22, 2012
  • Awesome! I love her work that I have seen and am really excited about her... I had another vendor (for a different use) tell me today that they have had brides in tears on their wedding day because she simply did not show up. I am taking it with a grain of salt thinking that they are just hoping that I go in a different direction, but it scared me! Just wanted to hear if anyone had a similar experience.
  • Hmm... that's really bizarre.  I definitely have not heard anything like that about her.  Just be sure to talk to her on the phone the week of, and provide a timeline of where she needs to be. 
    image June 22, 2012
  • Definitely will.. I think it was just vendor cattyness.
  • I just got married last Friday at sunrise and we used Julie a our photographer.  She was excellent!!!  During the wedding planning,  we exchanged alot of emails(I prefer email vs phone) about what we were looking for.  The morning of the wedding she arrived at 5:15AM,(that is correct AM) on schedule and started snapping photos.   We felt so comfortable with her.  She loves weddings, the outer banks and photography, and it shows.   Do not worry, you will love her and her work!
  • edited August 2012
    Julie was one of our "backup" photographers. (DH's roommate from college was our photog, but we talked to Julie also, just in case.) She was so sweet and extremely professional. I would have to agree, Frisco -perhaps just vendor cattiness. 

    .... and on a side note, I'm completely with you, stb829, I prefer emails too. This way you definitely have documentation of everything. Plus, it's convenient if you and your vendors have conflicting schedules....
  • Yes, we talked to Chris via phone just to discuss everything, but I also emailed the list of times and addresses. 
    image June 22, 2012
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