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I am wondering about what is the proper etiquette for accomodations for wedding guests.

With my wedding budget, I really am not going to be able to afford to rent out homes for my guests.

Everyone will be traveling from out of state and already will be spending a lot of money, It is considered rude/bad taste not to provide housing for wedding party? 

Should I definitely rent at least one home for guests? 

Just wondering what is appropriate.

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    95% of our guest list are OOTers and we're only providing a block of rooms at the hotel we're having our reception at.  Guests know that if they're traveling for a wedding they'll have to rent a room somewhere at their expense.

    As for WP the only advice I can give is what we're doing...
    2 of my BMs and 1 of the GM have booked rooms at the hotel while my MOH and FIs BM are staying at the rental house w/ me and my Mom, and the other GM is sharing a room w/ FI the night before the wedding and will drive back home after the reception (only about a 1.5hr drive).
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    We are renting a 14 bedroom beach house and covering about half the cost for our immediate family and wedding party the other rooms we're offering at a rate that beats most hotels to our friends as an alternate to finding a hotel room.  Some of our guest will be coming in only for the day from the NoVa/DC area but others are coming from far away and I would like to be able to offer them a room at a decent rate.

    We took the cost of the house and divided it by the amount of ppl it can hold and based the rate on that so we're not ripping off our friends nor getting them to pay for our rooms.

    As we're having a small wedding, we're using the house as the reception site too so we're not having to cover the cost of booking a hall.

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    I'm about to send my save the dates.  We blocked rooms at the Hampton Inn, but I'm also including information for Twiddy.  Some guests may stay the whole week before, so I wanted first timers to know a rental company to use.  We're sending the info. out a year early to allow people time to book a rental if they choose to stay for the whole week.
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    We have rented a 12 br home for my immediate family and bridal party, we are having a small wedding so I only have 2 bridesmaids so it worked out perfectly.  My fiance's parents have also rented their own home next to ours b/c they have a large family from all over the country, so its a good time for them to catch up and still be close to my house so that our families can have lunches and dinners together, etc.  For my out of towners, I will be blocking off a set of rooms with one of the hotels in Nags Head.

    Most people tend to block off hotel rooms for their guests.  Guests should understand and be wise to the fact that if they are traveling for a destination wedding, then there will be some costs involved for lodging.  There is no need for you and your parents to pay for someone else's lodging...its their own expense and that just goes hand in hand with traveling. 

    Sooooo....take a deep breath, relax and start calling hotels for group rates!  Happy planning and whatever you decide, Im sure your big day will be absolutely wonderful!


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    Thanks for the tips!! I like to know what other people do, just to make sure that I am dong things the right way! 
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    No problem K4Ranger....that is what all of us brides are here for!

    Happy Planning!  ;)


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