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Having DJ do Ceremony Music?

Hi Everyone! 

Did anybody have their DJ do their ceremony music as well?

I am toying with that idea to save on costs by just adding an extra hour to the DJ time instead of booking another vendor.

We are getting married in Manteo at the Marsh's Lighthouse in Manteo, and was hoping that the DJ provide a small speaker system for the ceremony aspect too.

I know that it would not look as nice as a string trio though and thats kind of holidng me back...ah, decisions, decisions! :)

Any input would be great!

Re: Having DJ do Ceremony Music?

  • We did and it was great. Our DJ was Johnny from Outer Banks Music Masters, but Matt Cooper did all the contract/discussion ahead of time. After talking to him for a bit, he helped me decide ceremony music. I knew I wanted an instrumental version of "Here Comes the Sun" for me and he found a great version. Then they played some steel drum versions of some wellknown music for the rest of the procession/recession. I didn't miss having live music at all, but I really would have missed if we decided to not have any ceremony music.
  • I am toying with the same questions myself.  We are getting married on the beach in Kitty Hawk at the Hilton and I have been told that it is difficult to hear music and vows on the beach due to the noise of the wind and waves.  I really want our guests to hear our vows and have asked our DJ, Bruce Jones, about proving microphones and speakers.  Has anyone done this and has it worked out? 

    Littlemsmagic, did you get married on the beach??  if so, which beach?  and was it loud?

    I am looking for any advice regarding this as I am contemplating what to do....
  • DJ Bruce Jones provided all the music for my daughter's wedding. The wedding was at the event home Grande Ritz Palm in Duck on the soundside. He played pre-ceremony music (from where he was set up for the reception) as guest were arriving and mingling around the pool/ bar/ patio/ reception area and making their way out to the ceremony site. The ceremony was on the property's private soundside beach. Bruce set up a speaker and used his iPod programmed with the music we requested for the processional, ceremony and recessional. It was very easy to hear the music! Bruce was very easy to work with and very accommodating. We did not miss having live musicians. It felt like the music just flowed through the air and surrounded us. In fact, a few days after the wedding we were talking to the family renting the house next to us and they said they could hear the music and really enjoyed it because it felt so beachy and fun and it was music that they like listening to as well. For the ceremony, Rev. Jay had a microphone on that the videographer provided. This was mainly to pick-up everything so that it could be heard on the video. Rev. Jay is great at projecting his voice, everyone was able to hear him. My daughter and son-in-law were not miked but everyone said they could hear the vows. Having Bruce provide all the music allowed us to have so much flexibility and allowed for us to have such a variety of music for each part of the celebration! It is somewhat quieter on the sound. So that is a plus!
  • Here is a picture of Bruce during the ceremony.

  • We did get married on the beach and the music was definitely heard over the wind and waves. My brother (the officiant), hubby, and I are all teachers so we're used to being fairly loud so we just chose to project our voices and not use mics. I guess it's possible that the vows that my husband and I wrote were not heard by the people in the back, but they were really meant for each other and guests could hear the majority of the ceremony since it was my brother talking and he made sure to project extremely well.
  • Hi all- we are having our ceremony on the beach, we are not using microphones. Our coordinator told us they would really pick up more wind and ocean than actual voices. We are using Club Violin. I think it depends on what vision you have for your wedding, I'm sure a DJ could work well, if that's what you want!
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