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Any advice about having a wedding and reception at an event home?

Starting to stress a little about the details even though it is still early! For those of you who got married and had receptions in event homes, how did you decide to set up tables and the food for the reception? We want a casual BBQ reception so I wasn't sure if it would be better to assign guests to tables or just make sure we have enough seats to accomodate our guests and let them choose where to sit?

Right now we are inviting about 125 people but the majority are from out of town so I really will have no idea about the real numbers till we send out invitations! Right now I am taking the approach at planning for two different scenarios, one for a wedding with under 60 guests and one for a wedding over 60 guests! 

Thanks for any advice! Its great to read what other people are thinking!

Re: Any advice about having a wedding and reception at an event home?

  • I would strongly suggest planning for the number of people you are inviting, and you really should assign seats for everyone. You need to have seating for all attendees, and the worst thing to happen is someone with a full plate is wondering around looking for an open seat at a table.
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  • Thanks for your reply KSJ, that is the same thing I am thinking! I grew up in a very proper family but unfortunately I am an only child and both of my paretns have passed away. I will only have friends coming to the wedding but to me they are family! My FI has a HUGE family and they are very "laid back" so not quite sure if they will like assigned seating but even though it is "our" wedding I am the one planning it so I would like to stay as true to my roots as I can and make it a nice and elegant party even if it is more casual! 

    My FMIL commented once that no one in their family has an etiquette book so it doesn't matter if I follow proper wedding etiquette. It matters to me because that is the way I was raised so I will do my best to honor my parents! Please don't take any of this the wrong way as I love my future in-laws but they are very different from my family. Hopefully they will enjoy the wedding even if it is different than what they are used to attending!

  • My wedding sounds very similar to what you are invisioning.  We were married at an event home in May, and had a laid back BBQ reception afterwards.  We did do assigned tables for seating.  I feel like it helped out with the flow of things while we were first eating.  It also helped us to make sure certain family members sat together, and our friends who didn't know many people we were able to sit with others we felt they would click with.  I would highly recommend assigned tables.  Once the party got started, and everyone was done eating and the dancing began, everyone switched tables to visit with different people, and pulled chairs to different tables as well.  That was fine with me.  
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