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What Are Your GM's & Groom Wearing??

Hi Ladies

I'm in need of a little help here.  I am having a hard time finding attire for the groom and the GM's.  My 1st question is this:  do the groom and the gm's wear the exact same thing OR should the groom's shirt be a little different? 

Here are the details: colors are teal & tangerine with white/khaki accents.  The BM's gowns are teal and I think teal shirts for the guys would be too much.  FI and I thought the guys could wear a white shirt with a small band of teal hibiscus flowers but this shirt does not exist on planet Earth so that's out.  FI would have worn an all white shirt with sleeves rolled up.

I am now completely stuck as to what they should wear.  Again, I need to know if all of the guys should match and that includes the groom?

What are your guys wearing?  Any ideas or suggestions?

P.S.  I'm so beyond frustrated with this I don't really care if they wear nothing at all....ok well not really b/c my grandmother would have a heart attack on the spot but you catch what I'm sayin, lol


Re: What Are Your GM's & Groom Wearing??

  • JaimeNyeJaimeNye member
    edited December 2011
    My FI is wearing a linen suit with a white shirt underneath. GM are wearing the linen pants and white shirt (loose fit 3/4 sleeve rolled up), no linen jacket. My BM dresses are coral so I am incorporating that color in their boutonnieres. Hope this helps 
  • hibiscus118hibiscus118 member
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    I totally understand what you are going through!  I was in the exact same boat, I finally looked outside the box and found what our GM ended up wearing.  Was not AT ALL what my vision was but I think it came together well and I still love it. 

    I found these that could possibly work.  I don't know your style but thought I'd throw them out there.  They are all more neutral though.




    This one has a couple different "blues" in it, not sure if it would work. http://www.hawaiianclothingfactory.com/vahashshchpo3.html

    Good luck finding something!

    ETA:  My DH wore something different from all the GM.  I personally liked that look better. Just because it makes you guys, as the bride and groom, stand out a little more :)

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    I also like it when the groom stands out from the other guys.  If you definitely don't want a suit, I'd put your FI in a textured white/ivory shirt with khakis and then put the GM in something with color and khakis.  If you think a solid teal would be too much with your BM, maybe try something patterned or Hawaiian.

    Tommy Bahama has such cute (is that a good word for the guys-lol) stuff, but lavahut has a huge variety if you're open to ordering online. http://www.lavahut.com/men-c-251.html

    I was impressed with the local selection too though.  My dad's Hawaiian shirt came from Kohl's, but JCP had several too.

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  • sarahebrownsarahebrown member
    edited December 2011
    OMG, I have the same problem OBX! I've been bugging my Groom about this like crazy....

    We think we are going with Tommy Bahama shirts, as PPs mentioned above too. Our colors are mint green and dark purple, since the BMs are wearing purple, we thought the GM should wear green. At Nordstroms we found a perfect color green Tommy Bahama shirt for the GMs. I think FI is still going to wear a suit jacket and tie though, cause he says that's what he wants.

    For your teal & tangerine colors (which sounds beautiful btw), I love your idea of having the GMs wear white shirts with the tangerine flowers! I think the pictures will look amazing and the white will be perfect with the beach backdrop too, very fresh and summery. So, have you found any white shirts you like? Are you going for a beachy linen white shirt or maybe more standard white button-up? And I wouldn't worry about them matching the groom too much- you want him to stand out and be a little different, right? Can you & FI go shopping and try a few options on? Even if you went to a dept store mens section you should be able to at least try diff shirts on and see what look you like best.

    I totally understand your frustration though! Boys can be so irritating sometimes lol
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  • OBX2011OBX2011 member
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks ladies and yes, the boys can be soooo much more frustrating than the girls, lol.  I'm loving all of the suggestions and thanks for all of the links too :)

    I am leaning more towards the beachy linen shirt with khaki or linen pants...just trying to determine the colors/shades I want them in.  I don't want anything too Hawaiian with huge flowers, maybe smaller flowers and less of them instead of all over.  I am envisioning the guys wearing the khaki or linen pants with ivory shirts with 3/4 sleeves rolled up and the FI in an all white shirt.  If the shirts are plain in color, that is okay too but if I could just find a tiny splash of teal or tangerine in them, that would be awesome!  If in any of your searches, you happen to come across something, please let me know.  I would soooo appreciate it :)

    Ok....off to dress these boys.

    Ohhh wait.....what shoes are your guys wearing?  They are barefoot on the beach but will have shoes for reception. 


  • sarahebrownsarahebrown member
    edited December 2011
    In Response to Re: What Are Your GM's & Groom Wearing??:
    [QUOTE] Ohhh wait.....what shoes are your guys wearing?  They are barefoot on the beach but will have shoes for reception. 
    Posted by OBX2011[/QUOTE]

    Barefoot on the beach, but nice leather sandals for the reception. (We haven't bought them yet, but that's what we envisioned)
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  • OBX2011OBX2011 member
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    edited December 2011

    That's what I'm thinking too...I will let you know what I find :)


  • OBX2011OBX2011 member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 25 Love Its First Answer
    edited December 2011
    I found these at Rack Room and they always offer a buy 1 get 1 half off sale so that is a good money saver there....


    (I only suggest these b/c FI has a pair and loves them!  He wears them eveywhere and he actually doesnt let them wrap around his heel, he pushed them down into the shoe so they are more of a slide-on and they can be dressed up or down which is nice too)


  • JaimeNyeJaimeNye member
    edited December 2011
    For shoes we are looking into these in brown...

  • kford30kford30 member
    edited December 2011
    My daughter has chosen the kaki pants and jacket for the groom, my husband (FOB) and for (FOG) the groomsmen will just wear the kaki pants with a white shirt - all the men will wear same shirt - just groom and fathers will be wearing the jacket (for ceramony anyway) - as for shoes - the wedding on beach will be barefoot and she has a flip flop basket for eveyone for the reception - the guys will all wear the brown flipflops.

    Both the suits and the shirts were purchased at JCP and the white shirts they had in several color options - nice shirt short sleeve and wonderful for a June beach wedding...
  • kmburroughskmburroughs member
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    edited December 2011
    Hey OBX, I know I am so late on this, but I am thinking that my gm will be in black lien button up and khaki and FI will be in white and khaki. The BM are wearing black dresses as well.. I wanted something that my colors will pop from them.. I am using fuchsia and orange.. everyone including me and the FI are going to be barefooted. I am thinking about getting the "foot jewelry" that you can wear for BM and I. I was thinking about also getting some kind of boutonniere made for the GMs with the colors so they will have that hint of color on them..
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