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need some advice!

Hi I am just starting the planning process for a obx wedding in 2011. Any suggestion on what month is better to get married there? Were thinking May or September? Also we are planning on renting an event home, I am currently emailing rental companys and no one is getting back to me? Any one have good experience with Brindley Beach? Thats the only company that seems to get back to me! THank You!!!!

Re: need some advice!

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    May and September are great times in the OBX.   I'm getting married in September of this year. Remember that September is peak hurricane season though.  May and September are also off season still so the rental homes are much cheaper.  I'm no help with rental companies up in Nags Head/Corolla area, sorry.  We're getting married down in Hatteras and are using Hatteras Realty which I highly recommend!
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    Our family has been renting out our house for the summer in Corolla since the early 90s and have always had a wonderful relationship with any Doug Brindley owned company --- Brindley Beach (especially since It is no longer owned by ResortQuest, which was awful) is a great company from the experience of someone who rents out their place.  My now husband went to Corolla Classic Vacations for his "guy house" for the week before the wedding and thought they were very professional with decent rates.  Twiddy is also a great company that serves the entire Mid-North outer banks (not just Duck and Corolla).  I really do think it all depends on what kind of house you are looking forand what rates fit within your budget.   Good luck!
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    I have vacationed in OBX since I was a small child and am very familiar with the area!  I have decided on a May 2011 wedding b/c I just love the fresh spring air and the excitement of the warmer weather that is approaching!  You cant really go bad on either month but like lkleffke said above, you do have to be mindful of Hurrican Season but either of those months is considered off-season and its much cheaper.  This is the busy season for vacation rental companies, so just be patient with them on the e-mails, however, I found out that just calling them was easier and I could get all of my ?'s answered at once.  Not sure if you are booking for an entire week, but a lot of mgmt companies will do partial week rentals in case you wanted to save money or just do a weekend things so you could still have a honeymoon....thats what we are doing.

    I am MORE than happy to recommend several event/wedding homes that I considered.  I ended up going with Big Mama's through Seaside Vacations!  I love the house, it has a pool and outdoor fireplace and the entire downstairs has a bistro style lounge, wet bar and pool table so that our guests can mingle throughout the evening.  I have decided on a white tent reception and it was one of the few homes that had enough room for a tent.  I had a lot of criteria to fill and Big Mamas just worked for me.  Now, there are TONS of homes on OBX and it all depends on your price range and location.  I kept the list of other homes and am more than happy to share .  If interested, just e-mail me at [email protected]  Make sure you ask if there is an additional wedding fee AND an event fee b/c some co's will charge BOTH of them, which I think is completely ridiculous, but then again, if I was major rich I wouldnt be renting a house, I'd own it!  LOL  Ok anyways, make sure you check on the extra fees AND I would very strongly recommend pre-reserving the home b/c  A LOT of house have already been pre-reserved for next year, I know this b/c I have talked to several other brides and the mgmt co's as well.  Also, my brother and his wife live in Carolla, NC and she works for Twiddy Real Estate and knows all the ins and outs of things down there.  Ohhhh, one more thing, most homes only allow 50-60 guests and that is something they are VERY strict about, they WILL come by and double check too.  Reason is b/c OBX is an island and doesnt have the high-tech water/sewer like the mainland does, so they limit the # of guests for that reason. 

    Ok, so I really hope I have answered some of your questions and again, e-mail if you would like a list of homes that I have already done some of the research on.

    Happy Wedding!



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    I've been vacationing in the OBX for serveral years and always thought I'd rent a big home for my wedding, but when push came to shove about all the details that we'd have to work out w/ a home I decided on a hotel.

    With a rental home you have to worry about tables, chairs, silverware, china, glasses, food, the parking issue b/c rental homes dont have huge parking lots, etc...where at a hotel thats all there for you.
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    I would go with May, I lived dwn in that area for several years and the pop up tropical storms in the fall can be unpredictable
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