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How rude of me!!

Hi all, I found these boards and started posting without even introducing myself! My fiance and I will be getting married in the OBX next September, hopfully on the 18th if all goes as planned!  We are heading down the 18th of this month to see some event homes and meet with some other vendors. 
Does anyone have any info about the all inclusive packages that beach ball or 11th hour events offer? I am attempting to keep my budget at 10K and don't know if these are good offers or not.  That being said I also after months of research have fallen in love with alot of other vendors that do not have all inclusive which is fine, but I'm worried I'll go way over budget...
That being said, I'm excited to chat with all you ladies and hope to give and get some great advice!!

Re: How rude of me!!

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    Welcome!  I don't have any info on those planners, but your budget is definitely workable in the OBX.

    I haven't caught up on today's posts, but tell us about your wedding if you haven't already.  Size? colors?  Relaxed or more traditional?  We want the details! =)
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    Yeah I haven't heard much about those vendors either.. 
    We are having 50 people, more relaxed bc everyone is easy going, and not typical beach theme(no seashells, I do want sand though!).  My colors are charcoal gray and petal pink, and I"m looking to have diy centerpeices of peonies and not sure what else... any suggestions?!? 

    I'm hoping to get a ton more info when I visit in 2 weeks!
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    Hi there & welcome! Congrats on your upcoming wedding in the OBX!
    I think visiting OBX is definitely a great first step and a MUST. You will find that alot of what you see online is not always what you see in person. This can be both good and bad. We originally wanted to rent an event home and hold our reception there but after we compared costs, we decided to go with The Pearl instead. It saves us the trouble of getting catering, rentals, etc. So, I'm afraid I'm not too much help with recommendations on the homes. However, when we were searching, we made a list of the homes in the running and then visited each one in person. I would recommend doing this because it will save you the time & gas of driving up and down the coast back & forth.

    As far as your budget, it sounds completely do-able for 50 people. We are trying to stay withing 13K for 60 and we haven't broke the bank yet :)

    I love your colors and theme ideas! I hope you will find lots of help from the other brides on this board. Let us know what vendors you're thinking about- there's a variety of brides using a variety of vendors, so we should be able to help.

    Happy Planning and congrats again! OBX brides rock Laughing
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    check the Cypress House Inn. It is in Kill Devil Hills at MP 8 and is 125FT from the public beach access.  They have very low facility fees and can accomodate up to 125 people.  They prorate the event fee for how many people you have.  I think for your number, its only about $600.  The only other thing they charge is you have to rent out their six rooms for at least 3 nights.  On Memorial Day weekend it turns out to be about $3000 for us.  However, we are opening it up to our guests first and only have to cover what doesn't get rented 30 days out.  We should have around 100 people though. They will arrange rentals, like a tent tables, linens for you and don't charge extra on top of the rental fees for doing it.  Veda is great!

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