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Vendors to consider in your head count

WedOBX2012 got me thinking in the previous post about giving the caterer a head count, including vendors.

I added my DJ and photo to my count. I'm having an airhead moment - do you add bartender to the count? I know they probably get hungry, but is it inappropriate to have a bartender step away for this.... should they be included?

Re: Vendors to consider in your head count

  • Surprisingly, both my photographer and DJ declined any food at the reception...but we still sent them home with a box to go.

    I would call the bartender and ask them what is normally done :)


  • I'm planning on including photographer, assistant and day-of coordinator in my head count for meals as well as Nina (event home/catering owner since she will be assisting with setup).  If I was having musicians/djs I would include them also (but I'm not).  I'm not including our florist or baker or event rental folks in the count because they're just dropping things off. 

    I did tell our officiant that he was more than welcome to join us for dinner (in which case I would have added him to the head count) but he declined and said he would only stay for a drink before he went on his way.   

    My bartender is part of the catering staff and I just don't think that I'm obligated to feed him because then I figure, I have to feed the rest of the crew: wait staff, chef, assistant chef etc.... is that terrible? 

    I don't know...I may change my mind on this, what do you all think?

    My thinking is that I should only be offering food/drink to the vendors and staff that will be there for the majority of the day..
  • I think it really depends on what type of reception you are having.  I had BBQ, and it was done buffet style.  I did not include any of my vendors in my head count, but I offered them all food, and most ate.  We still had leftovers.  I think for sit down dinners, you do need to add them in, and I would probably add the bartender as well too.  For buffet style, I would not, b/c you end up with so many leftovers anyways.  
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